A Rhetorical Analysis Essay Project
of 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

By Alexandra Gutierrez
English 12 with Mr. Smith at CNHS

Jeep: Beautiful Lands

Mr. Smith's English 12 Essay Project

Rhetorical Analysis Essay
By Alexandra

Being from a different country and experiencing the different culture, and adapting to a change in lifestyle, I appreciate the idea of different cultures and the urge to want to discover them. Being privileged to experience different parts of the world, only makes me want to explore more and discover the hidden treasures the world has to offer.

Jeeps are produced and sold almost all around the world, the idea of traveling the world and visiting the places shown in Jeep’s 2015 Super Bowl Commercial is an amazing way to build character and have a vast mindset on different cultures in the world. Although many people may not be able to travel the world, the land that they live on is just as beautiful as the rest of the world.

How does Jeep create the appeal of adventure to the audience? In what ways can a commercial that is 1 minute and 32 seconds give people the source of adventure they need? The context of the commercial is showing clips of countries and cities all around the world, doing different things and facing different challenges. In the background, music is playing and no one is actually advertizing the car, they just show clips of it. The music in the background in “This Land is My Land” by Marc Scibilia. Jeep targets an audience that craves adventure, and appeals to people who look for that spark in them that can trigger something inside of them.

The idea of a united world coming together to seek peace is what something everyone hopes for in their lifetime. In the commercial it shows ethos, and that you can trust the brand in more ways than one. The music that is apart of the commercial shows that together we can unite. The commercial depicts people from all over the globe traveling, in a Jeep, and enjoying life. Even today in the world with racial tension, religious tension, and tension in general between worlds, Jeep can give us the sense that everything will work out for the best. We come to trust the brand since we all can connect with idealism. The song “This Land is my Land’, even in the title, it describes that we are not much different than the person next to us, and we all share one world. Jeep also captures our attention with the natural beauty of the world, and its diverse cultures today.

Jeep shows that the car they are selling is durable and can be driven on many different types of terrain all around the world. Logos is shown by the videos and scenarios they portray in the commercial. They show footage of the SUV Jeep driving in several different places all over the world. The car drives through a variety of terrains, such as: Sleet, snow, mud, desert sand, rain, and on the road. This give viewers a logical understanding on how durable the Jeep is and what it can withstand. This demonstrates the idea of Jeep being the best car on the market to take excursions, projecting that this company is bigger than anyone could have thought possible. Jeep’s commercial, logically speaking, is that if the vehicle can drive through all kinds of weather, it can withstand almost anything.

Jeep’s commercial also showed a great deal of emotion, even if you aren’t looking for it. Jeep wanted to give people a sense of adventure and show them that adventure doesn’t have to be bad or scary, that you can gain an amazing outcome from it. In the commercial it shows people doing and going places that are beautiful, incredible, and full of adventure. The happiness and eagerness it can bring to an audience that wants to go out and do those things and go out on adventures is exactly what emotion Jeep wanted people to feel. This demonstrates that people inside themselves crave adventure and the chance to explore the world. Giving people the rush and sense of adventure is the motivation people need to get out and travel the world. The overall emotion that is taken from the commercial is happiness and bliss, watching people go out in the world and enjoy themselves, with a little help from Jeep.

Jeep manipulated the audience to show what someone's life could be like if they had the chance to travel the whole world in a Jeep: it would be a glorious adventure - something everyone wants.

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