4 Qualities You Should Look For When Scouting For a Real Estate Agent

Scouting for the right real estate agent can be difficult if you do not know what qualities to look for. Qualities of a good real estate agent include:

Strong communication skills
As a house buyer or seller it can be difficult and frustrating to work with real estate agent who is not a great communicator. The real estate market is time sensitive. As a seller or buyer, you need a real estate agent who can easily tell you where you stand with your current selling or buying process, so that you can quickly move on to the next potential property or buyer.

They are proactive
Being proactive entails providing up-to-date, relevant, and accurate information to the client. A good real estate agent will be able to keep you well informed.

Strong listening skills
A good real estate agent is one who can take time to listen and to understand the needs, wants, motivation, and priorities of each client. As the client, you should be the one doing most of the talking, and not the other way round.

Good track record
An effective way to get a good real estate agent is to use their former clients as reference. A good real estate agent should be able to give you a positive reference from any of their previous clients.

The real estate process will be easier when you work with a good agent.

Alex Anninos is an experienced real estate agent. He believes in providing the clients with necessary information they need in order to make smart decisions.

Advantages of Working with a Professional Real Estate Agent

Whether you are selling or buying a home, there are some pitfalls involved in the process. Working with an agent can help you to avoid these pitfalls and also help you to make smart choices. The advantages of working with a professional real estate agent include;

1. Guidance

Whether you are buying your first home or you want to upgrade your home, working with a professional real estate agent is a reasonable move to make. A professional real estate agent will take time to understand your wants and needs, budget, preferences, and your motivation. The agent can thus help you to identify your priorities and narrow down your search.

2. Knowledge of the market

Buying a home is an important decision and finding a suitable home can be challenging. A professional real estate agent can provide information about the market that can be invaluable to the buying or selling process. An agent can also provide professional opinions about the home compares to other properties in that area.

3. Connections

Professional real estate agents have connections in the market that can benefit you, either as a buyer or a seller. The agent may be able to recommend trusted professionals such as home inspectors, lenders, and contractors in case you need their services.

4. Negotiation

The agent can apply his/her expertise to handle the negotiation process. The agent can help you to negotiate for repairs and also help you with the legal paperwork required.

Find an agent that you can work with comfortably. You will benefit from the agent’s experience, negotiation skills, and the knowledge of the local market.

Alex Anninos is a professional real estate agent. He is a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

Alex Anninos - Managing the Stress of Buying a New Home

Alex Anninos

Though buying a new home can be one of the most exciting and meaningful times of your life, it can also be an incredibly stressful and overwhelming period. Stress during the process of buying a home crops up from issues such as a home inspection that reveals terrible and costly defects, contract contingencies, purchase price and the down payment, lending problems, and more. Buying a house might be difficult, but by no means impossible. Alex Anninos, a highly respected and reputable Realtor in the New England area associated with the Mavroules Team and LAER Realty Partners, knows that this can be a stressful time. He recommends the following to assuage any feelings of anxiety or frustration during your home buying experience.

1. Don’t devote your entire life to the process of buying your home. It can be easy to get sucked into constantly thinking about the process, taking no time to think about anything else or engage in other activities and hobbies. Yes, your house hunting experience will take time, but don’t give up doing what you love simply to stress yourself out more.

2. Don’t be afraid of over-communicating with your Realtor. If the Realtor is the right fit for you, they will do everything in their power to assure you that you’re on track and will be working behind the scenes to be certain that you have a number of great options. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

3. Try to avoid becoming emotionally attached to a home until after you’ve purchased it. Managing emotions during the process can be difficult, and finding a home that pulls on your heartstrings that comes with a plethora of problems is only going to make your experience even more frustrating and stressful.

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The Best Improvements for Your Home before Selling

Beginning the process of selling your house typically involves numerous moving parts and tasks to consider. Though it can be incredibly time-consuming and stressful at times, selling your home is the first step in helping realize your ultimate real estate goals, whether that’s buying a larger home for your family, a home in a neighborhood where you’ve always wanted to live, and more. Whatever it is that’s fueling your decision to move, there are proven ways to increase the value of your home through simple curb appeal tactics that are cost-effective and timely. Alex Anninos is a highly sought out Realtor who works with the Mavroules Team and LAER Realty Partners in Danvers, Massachusetts, and he recommends making the following improvements to your home if you’re ready to sell.

  1. Instead of doing an entire overhaul of a kitchen or bathroom, do partial renovations that will breathe new life into the space. Buying one new piece and refurbishing an old piece or buying one new appliance instead of ten appliances can do a world of wonders to both your home and your wallet.
  2. Ensure that each space has a designated purpose. Any tucked away nooks that are empty or a landing on the stairs that is particularly spacious need to have a purpose. Simply add an easy chair with a side table, or a small bookshelf to utilize any empty space.
  3. Deep clean everything, and keep the home in tip top shape when you begin to have buyers visit. You never know when that might happen, so being prepared is always an excellent idea.
Alex Anninos

Real Estate - The Rise Above 2008

Alex Anninos

The past of the real estate market has been dismal. The recession that took place due to the housing bubble in 2008 shook the foundations of even some of the strongest property investors, stirring economic trouble for everyone involved, both professionally and personally. A large portion of the population lost their homes, leaving people with the hopeless feeling like the housing market was in permanent shut down. However, since 2011, things have steadily been stabilizing, giving the once-great industry a chance to rise and prosper. Now, in 2015, opportunities are arising again, as the industry considers itself to nearly be back into shape.

Several different regulations took place that changed the way that real estate works in the US. After 2008, much of the government saw this as an opportunity to change the flow of the housing market, restructuring the components that caused the crisis in the first place, such as interest rates and mortgage loan standards for investors and homeowners alike.

The current status of the national housing market is healthy enough to begin seeking opportunity and prosperity there. Alex Anninos, a real estate agent that began the success of his career during the year of the housing burst, has flourished his career between 2008 and 2014, and expects 2015 to be one of the best years yet. The conditions have settled, and variables are finally starting to sway into the favor of the investor, giving the entire market a chance to reach their once lost greatness, and avoiding the risk of financial downfall.

People and Properties - The Two Sides of Real Estate

Real estate is a game of house judging, and one that can be increasingly profitable or painful. However, the pristine factors that go into buying and selling a house for its perceived value is only one part of the sale. In the background, and throughout the rest of the process, lies the game of people and persuasion, and the battle between multiple minds to make the best house win, and the lowest value lose.

Both of these sides require dedication and effort in order to close the sale at the highest value. Low people skills will cause the price to go down just as quickly as a low-quality property for sale. The skill of a real estate agent is very important in the process, making the mission of selling a house as much about the homeowner’s choice as it is the market’s needs. The person representing the house that is on the market is the ambassador, the bridge between those looking to buy, and the homeowner ready to sell.

The people game is much more important than the house itself, because even the worst house in the world can be sold by an elite salesman that knows how to talk up a potential buyer. “This separates the good real estate agents from another,” says Alex Anninos, a member of the Mavroules Real Estate Team in Massachusetts, “there are those that care, and know how to talk others into their needs, and there are those that only look for the money.” The talk of a real estate agent can mean the difference between a high value property and one that stagnates in the market.

Alex Anninos

The Power of Partnerships

The stereotypical conflict found between partnerships in business involves one undercutting the other partner with a corrupted method of blackhat business. This has historically been used in movies, news, and other media to describe the volatility of partnerships in the past, and to this day people still have ill feelings about the venture option. However, though the wrong concoction can bring scary results, a well-planned partnership not only makes powerful opportunities available, but also streamlines the burden that comes with operating a business.

The limits of one person is much shorter than that of another, making the employee a resourceful solution for a growing business. But employees can only go so far in the operational aspect of a business, and for some, one business owner comprises the entire executive power of a single, rapidly-growing company. A partnership that is created between two compatible people makes responsibilities of operating a business very comfortable, and very manageable.

Partnerships also give companies and professionals the ability to share their resources, exchange their networks, and consolidate their customer base. The Mavroules Real Estate Team, one of the best real estate teams in Massachusetts, made a recent partnership with LAER, the largest real estate company in the region of New England. “This merging broadens our horizons”, Alex Anninos of Mavroules Team says, “both sides benefit from a massive consolidation of what he have available, giving everyone involved the opportunity to work better in the northeastern housing market.”

Alex Anninos

Integrate Technology into Your Industry

The methods and machinery of the past are becoming obsolete more each and every day, as the innovators of today create solutions for the professionals of tomorrow. This is a big deal, and every change made helps society accelerate more. However, while this is happening, many experienced industry leaders are refusing to accept the implementation of new methods and new technologies, leaving the opportunity for business owners like you to take the chance and make a transition into more efficient operations.

A business should be constantly seeking better profits, more of the market share, and a vast and intuitive strategy for the next step. Every company, even the largest ones, are looking to become bigger, and get stronger financially and socially. However, to do this, new methods must be adopted, and a different type of operation must go into the business. Your business is reliant on how efficiently you can sell what you offer, and technology can help make that happen in every step of the process.

It makes things more organized, it makes things effortless, and for Alex Anninos, a real estate agent for the Mavroules Real Estate Team in Massachusetts, it is making his career advancement easier. As a young real estate agent that started during the fall of the housing markets in 2008, much of his success has come from his adoption of technology in order to make the best decisions as quickly as possible. The survival of a business is counting on the ability for you to trump the competitors, and with every business in your industry using the same methods as the next, the future is to beat them with technology.

Alex Anninos

Top Qualities to Look for in an Agent When Buying a Home

Some real estate agents are much better than others, and this can be seen in their results. Here are the top qualities of the real estate buyer’s agents who do the best job.

Knowledge of the local market

An agent who has never bought or sold a home in a particular area is, in many ways, an apprentice. A good local agent should have adequate knowledge of your geographical area, and know the property type in that particular area inside out.

Understands your priorities and motivation

A good buyer’s agent is more concerned about your goals and priorities than his or her commission. They understand that their commission will be taken care of once they take care of the client.

Give you the time, information, and attention you need

A good agent understands the importance of being available especially when it comes to providing every client with high quality service. They also equip you with accurate and up-to-date information to ensure that you make informed decisions.

They have passion for the real estate business

It is very easy and more enjoyable to work with an agent who loves the real estate business. They are more dedicated and reliable.

Negotiates effectively

A good agent is committed to your interests, and works to achieve the best possible terms and price.

The quality of the agent that you are working with and his or her competence and commitment to your interest can make a difference in the outcome of the home buying process.

Alex Anninos is a professional real estate agent. He is a member of Mavroules Team; a team of professional real estate agents committed to providing the best quality service to clients.

Alex Anninos