Ebola Outbreak


Ebola began to spread after a man named Thomas Eric Duncan was diagnosed and untreated with the virus. Ebola is a deadly disease that is prone to death. It is a fluid transmitted disease. The disease for the majority percent of the time results in death.

Ashley Snyder (obituary)

Jelani Sesay 35, died Thursday night after his 1 month battle of Ebola. He was taken to the village care center the 26th of October. He is survived by his wife Amaka Sesay and children Nontle Sesay(17) and Simba Sesay(10). He was buried in a near by field close to the village care center. He was expecting his first grandchild. A memorial prayer will be held in his village later this week.

His son Simba wants his dad to know “ I will take care of mom and Nontle.” He is remembered by his co workers(volunteers) at the burial site for the village care center. He is expected to have gotten the viruses from the dead bodies he buried. He will forever be remembered.

Marcos Thatcher

November 26th

Today, I saw another patient die. Her name was Afua. She was a mother of three and a hard worker. We took Afua from her village a week ago and the staff and I were hoping she would make a full recovery. Her husband died a few years ago, and her children relied on her for everything. Her children don’t know what happened yet, and I don’t want to be the one to tell them that their mother has died. When she came to us, she had just contracted the disease. She seemed fine besides some headaches and a fever. In only a couple days, she couldn’t walk and was throwing up blood. We had run out of room in the hospital so she had to lay on the floor. I truly believe we did everything we could to keep her alive.

November 27th

Today, we told Afua’s children that their mother was dead. It was heart breaking to see their faces streaked with tears. We didn’t know how they were doing without their mother, but the people of the village have been helping them in whatever ways they can. They know that we did everything we could to save her. None of them have any symptoms of Ebola, and we hope that they stay healthy. The oldest brother knows that he will have to protect and provide for his younger siblings now that his mother is gone. He knows that they are watching over them every day making sure that they’re ok. We can only hope that they will be safe.

Amongst many we are not wealthy and we are to accommodate ourselves wherever. Despite the fact that we do not have much, we have family. Family is crucial to the way we live. Family will support you, care for you, and will want the best for you. No matter what happens between family, you will always remain related. We take after family members and their ways of doing. we love each other unconditionally because that is something that we pride ourselves in. We may not have much but we do have family and care, we are rich in those two things. People die wondering what love is or how it feels like, yet we have more than enough.

My surroundings are not much, it is becoming lifeless, slowly but surely the disease is killing. Of course, many afraid but many believing that fearing the disease is pathetic. Many mourn and cry of pain, much of what you hear is sobbing. Warm tears running down the face of family members of those who died. Keeping distance allows you to view the big picture. You become more aware and you realize that dying is inevitable. Although they say that there are many ways to be precautious, what help does that do when someone you care so much for already has the disease. It takes away someone who makes you feel like life if worth living for. It is as if a part of you is being taken away.

Mother has the disease and cannot stand. She will soon die because of the dehydration…… will I soon be facing misery like the others? What is worse than losing someone who rasied and nurtured you. The disease is eliminating my loved ones and I see fewer reasons to live I am unsure of what will happen next because, I too, am feeling sick and weak.but there isn othing i can do but hope. My mother after a few days is proclaimed dead, i then wonder in agony who is next…. little did i know that it would be me

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