Alexei Schacht

Successful Criminal Defense Attorney

About Alexei Schacht

Alexei Schacht is a criminal defense lawyer who serves in federal and New York State courts. He has worked as a civil litigation attorney and assistant district attorney over a nearly 25-year career. He has experience in fine art and real estate transactions as well as South American oil and gas deals. Alexei Schacht studied political science and government at the University of Wisconsin-Madison before earning his J.D. at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Alexei Schacht’s success in court as a criminal defense lawyer includes a notable 2009 New York State court case. Aleksander Vacaj, an Albanian immigrant, had been charged by an ex-girlfriend with felony coercion, attempted coercion, and aggravated harassment after she was attacked by two men in her condo, whom she claimed were sent by Vacaj. The prosecution conceded they had no case when the former girlfriend opted not to testify after changing her story several times leading up to trial.

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