Alex Funicello - Understanding Asbestosis

Have you ever seen the commercials that talk about class action lawsuits for asbestos victims? It’s because the condition of asbestosis is very serious.

The American Lung Association defines the condition as so on tier website: “Asbestosis is a disease that involves scarring of lung tissue as a result of breathing in asbestos fibers. The scarring makes it hard for you to breathe and for oxygen to get into the blood. The disease worsens slowly over time. In some people the disease causes no symptoms, while in others it can cause severe symptoms. There is no cure for asbestosis. A doctor can help you manage your symptoms. If you have trouble breathing, shortness of breath and a very low blood oxygen level, your doctor may recommend oxygen therapy.”

While there is no technical “cure” for the disease, transplantation could be an option. The ALA describes the treatment options below:

“There is no cure for asbestosis. The most important steps you can take are to prevent further exposure to asbestos and to quit smoking.

Treatments to ease symptoms include pounding your chest and back repeatedly with your hands or a device to loosen the mucus from your lungs so that you can cough it up.

You may sit with your head tilted down or lay on your stomach with your head down to help drain the mucus from your lungs. Other treatments may include: Aerosol medications to thin secretions; Oxygen by mask or by a plastic piece that fits into the nostrils; or Lung transplantation”

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Alex Funicello - Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome

Middle Eastern Respiratory System, or MERS, has been a highly discussed topic in the news lately, as the disease is spreading in South Korea and currently affecting thousands of people. The American Lung Association describes this disease as so:

“Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is a coronavirus that causes respiratory illness in both people and animals. Unlike most coronaviruses, which only cause mild to moderate upper respiratory tract infections, most confirmed cases of MERS go on to develop severe respiratory illness with 30 to 40 percent of cases being fatal. SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) is another coronavirus associated with severe illness (there have been not been any confirmed cases of SARS in the world since 2004). MERS spreads from person to person through close contact, such as caring for or living with someone infected with the virus. There is no evidence of sustained spread between people in community settings, such as workplaces, public settings, or airplanes. MERS is considered to be very low risk to the general public in the United States.”

In order to prevent this disease from spreading to the United States, the Center for Disease Control has recommended that people traveling to affected areas wash their hands on a regular basis and try to avoid contact with any potentially affected people.

Alex Funicello - SARS

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, most commonly referred to as SARS, became an issue of worldwide concern after it spread rapidly throughout Asia and causing many international airports to take extra measures in helping contain the disease. SARS is described on the American Lung Association website as so:

“Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome—known as SARS—is a virus that was identified during an outbreak in Asia in 2003. SARS is caused by a group of viruses called the coronaviruses. SARS can be moderate to severe; most people with SARS develop pneumonia. Scientists believe the main way that SARS seems to spread is by close person-to-person contact, when someone infected with SARS coughs or sneezes.

The SARS outbreak of 2003 sickened more than 8,000 people worldwide but primarily in Asia. Only eight cases of SARS were confirmed the U.S.; all of those individuals had traveled to areas of the world with SARS. The World Health Organization tracks SARS and works with individual countries to help prevent outbreaks and to educate the public and healthcare workers about the virus. “

Since SARS was such a short-lived outbreak, there was no definitive cure found for the disease. Most patients were treated in a similar manner as pneumonia patients.

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Alex Funicello - The Most Common Pulmonary Diseases

There are a number of diseases that threaten the heart and lungs; however those that directly threaten both are considered to be pulmonary diseases. Because these two vital organs work together so closely, a disruption in their systems can cause a depletion of oxygen throughout the rest of the body, which can lead to a number of other issues. Below are some of the most common pulmonary diseases, paired with a short description of each:


Asthma occurs when the airways tighten up and keep the lungs from getting all the oxygen they can with every breath. The causes of asthma are plentiful, including but not limited to: allergies, pollution, a disorder in the nervous system, genetics and more. It is usually characterized by wheezing, which is a whistling noise that happens when an asthma patient breathes.


Mesothelioma is a condition that is directly linked to asbestos exposure, which has been a hot topic of class action lawsuits over the past few decades because of the many former railroad, shipyard and construction workers that have contracted it due to their jobs. Mesothelioma is characterized by numerous growths and tumors in the lungs.


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is an issue caused by a number of sources that can block the airways and make it especially difficult to breathe. COPD is a common disease that affects millions of Americans every year, most of which are elderly people who have had past issues with bronchitis, which is a blocking of the bronchial tubes that would normally allow easy air flow into the body.

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         Alex Funicello - Wind Surfing                            Essentials  

In the sport of wind surfing, the amount and cost of equipment can pile up. And besides the basics of rope, harnesses and other such sailing essentials, there are a number of key elements that make the sport possible for its athletes. Below is a short description of some of the essentials you need when going out for a day in the wind and surf.

Wind Surf Board

In order to ride those waves, you need a board that is both buoyant as well as able to maneuver affectively among rising swells. Wind surfboards are crafted different than regular surfboards, in order to accommodate both a sail as well as the ability to take on a greater variety of waves and conditions.


Since wind surfing is so dependent on the wind, a good sail will help you go further as well as with more ease. When looking for a sail, make sure to converse with a knowledgeable store associate who can help you find one that is tailored more towards your activity.


For wind surfers, a good wetsuit provides even more benefits than those enjoyed by regular surfers. Not only do wind surfers get protection from the cold in their wetsuits, but they also get an extra layer of protection from the sun, as they spend more time above water and in need of proper full-body protection.With the combination of a good wetsuit, a quality board and a strong sail, you can have an enjoyable day on the water without any interruptions.

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Alex Funicello - Model Homes

There are many things that are fun to build at model size; and one of them is homes. In fact, if you ever wanted to truly envision what your dream home would look like, building a model of it wouldn’t be a bad start. Most hobbyist stores contain all the materials you need; and from there you can use your imagination to build your home from the ground up, and gain a better idea of what it would be like to live in it. Below are some things you should think about implementing when building a model home.

The Perimeter

The work is not solely in the home itself. You need to make the location appealing by giving your perimeter the kinds of surroundings you could only dream of. Think about pools, putting greens, barbecue areas and other such features that would help your dream home draw guests.

The Floor Plan

Try and apply some critical thinking to how functional you would want your home to be. A kitchen on the third floor might be a cool idea, however it might provide for some very inefficient living. But then again, you could install an elevator, and make other such changes that render that option practical.

The Decorating

Some people dread decorating; however in the world of toy models you go in with the confidence that you can change it at any point. It would still be a wise time saver, however, to do some thinking ahead here, especially for the lower levels so that you don’t have to take things apart to access them.

Alex Funicello - CA Living

There are many things to enjoy in California, and as a Fresno resident, you have access to a number of the state’s most appealing features without having such a bustling city life like in places such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. Below are some of the general features of California that brings visitors back year after year, paired with a sort description of the best places to enjoy these features.


California’s coastline is the object of envy for many US states, as it is long and highly diverse. In the north, you have stunning rocky beaches with cold water crashing against the coastline which is drawn with rocks, grass and wildflowers. But to have that sunny, bikini beach life, you must travel south to San Diego to enjoy some fun in the sun and surf.


Heading inland, the mountains in California are also something to write home about. Starting in Yosemite and moving west towards Tahoe, the mountains only get more and more stunning and diverse in their geological makeup. For skiing, rock climbing and more, California provides ample opportunities for the day adventurer to get his or her kicks.

Wine Country

Right outside of San Francisco are the Napa and Sonoma areas, which have combined to create the largest wine producing region on the planet. Only within a few years did California surpass France with their wine production and take a life of its own, becoming one of the larger industries in the country.

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Alex Funicello - The Most Romantic Days of the Year

Alex Funicello is blessed that he gets to spend the rest of his life with his beautiful and loving wife; and he shows his appreciation for her by making the most out of every calendar day that is associated with romance. Below are some of the basic days that he makes extra special for his special someone.

Valentine’s Day

The most popular holiday for love in the United States, Valentine’s Day is a day named after Saint Valentine of Rome, who is most often associated with courting and love. In our country, this is a highly commercialized day where heart-shaped candies, heart-shaped chocolate boxes and cards are used as tokens of affection to give to others. For single people, it is a popular day to go on a date and be courted. For any person in a committed relationship, they know that Valentine’s Day is just another day to celebrate the love that you share every day.


The holiday that couples celebrate over Valentine’s Day is the day that their love was founded, either through meeting or through saying their wedding vows. Anniversaries are the utmost of romantic holidays, because they celebrate the particular day that you and your partner identified the love you have for one another.

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Alex Funicello - Hitting the Perfect Put

Alex Funicello is an avid golfer who is a member f his local country club. He likes to compete in charity golf tournaments where he competes to win a grand prize for a charity of his choosing. As Alex knows, everything about your golf game comes down to your ability to seal the deal on the greens. A good putting game will help you overcome tough opponents who can fall behind during this part of the game. Below are some essential steps you should take when hitting a perfect put.

Analyze the Route

Crouch down behind the ball and look at where the hole lies in comparison. Observe the ground between, determine whether it is flat, slanted, bumpy, etc. from there, you can determine how you should hit the ball and in what direction.

Draw an Imaginary Line

When you pull back the club before hitting it, try to make a straight line between the club and ball, so that you know exactly where it will go when you bring it forward and hit the ball in that particular direction.

Give It A Nice Tap

In most cases, putting a golf ball is an action that should be performed with a single tap, rather than a hard swing or push.

Alex Funicello - Getting Out of The Sand Trap

As avid golfers such as Alex Funicello know, one of the biggest setbacks on the golf course can happen when a player hits a ball into a sand trap. Sand traps are strategically placed on golf courses in order to add an extra obstacle to the hole and force the players to be more accurate. Hitting a ball into the sand can be a dooming move for that hole, and even your overall score at the end of the game. Getting out of sand traps are often the most frustrating challenges a golfer can face, however there are ways you can increase your odds of getting a good out. Below are some tips as to how you can get yourself out of the sand and back on track.

Use a Sand Wedge

Simply put, there is a particular club that is to be used in the sand pit. A sand wedge has the greatest-angled head of all your golf clubs because it is meant to hit the ball practically straight into the air and out of the sand trap.

Scoop the Ball

In order to get the ball out of the sand, you will need to swing your club in a manner that scoops it from below. Instead of aiming for the ball, like you would while on grass, instead hit the sand a few inches behind the ball. The club will then dig into the sand; and when it comes forward, it will scoop the ball from under it and send it straight up.

Alex Funicello - Visit San Francisco

Of all the areas in California that Alex Funicello likes to visit, San Francisco may be one of his favorite. It may not have the access to warm beaches like San Diego, or even the entertainment and sports presence that Los Angeles has; but San Francisco retains quality characteristics that set it apart from CA’s southern metropolitans. Below are some of the things that make this city so great:

The Harbor

San Francisco’s harbor area is world-renown for its size and numerous tourist attractions. The island prison of Alcatraz can be seen from the harbor, right where several walruses lay out on a regular basis. There is a large seafood market nearby as well as bakeries and other cuisine-related attractions that can keep the foodie tourist entertained for hours on end.

Outside Areas

Speaking of those who visit San Francisco for its culinary perks, perhaps one of its most attractive features is its proximity to the Napa Valley, which is less than a few hours driving from SF. Within recent years, Napa surpasses France as the world’s biggest wine-producing region; and that statistic only speaks for the quantity. Some Napa wines are also revered for being some of the best on the planet.


Another thing that Alex Funicello loves about San Francisco is that it has two NFL teams within reach: the 49ers and the Raiders, whose stadiums are less than an hour apart from each other.

Alex Funicello on Pursuing a Pulmonologist’s Career in High School

Alex Funicello is a successful pulmonologist who works in Fresno, California. Throughout his prominent career which started more than 20 years ago, Dr. Funicello has seen his fair share of complicated cases that really tested his expertise. Pursuing a pulmonologist’s career is a very worthy dream, but one has to be realistic about the process that leads there. It is very hard, but ultimately also very rewarding.

The Preparation for College

Anybody who wishes to pursue a medical career has to realize very early into their education that this direction requires an immense amount of work and commitment. What makes it even harder is the fact that it requires the presence of these qualities at an age where kids normally aren’t really concerned about their future. If one really wants to become a doctor, the process has to start in high school. Selecting the right classes there – naturally classes with a scientific nature – is crucial, and can determine the whole college process, and even the medical career.

Experience Cannot Come Soon Enough

Gaining valuable experience outside of the confines of the school system is great. One can volunteer to work next to doctors, maybe even pulmonologists. “Shadowing” a doctor to learn from them is more common amongst college students, but even a high schooler can find opportunities like that, certainly if they are devoted enough. These experiences can be crucial later, when college starts and the students really have to master more specific course material. If one is not sure where to look for these opportunities, he or she can always just contact their school’s guidance counselor.

Standardized Examinations

It’s important to take standardized tests before starting an undergraduate education. There are two main tests in the US, the ACT and the SAT. Colleges usually accept both, but it’s always recommended to check the school’s website. Taking both and presenting the better score is a possibility. The tests can be taken in the sophomore year at the earliest, and if someone still hasn’t decided what they want to do or where they want to learn, they can still take the test during the first semester of their senior year. The system provides plenty of opportunities.

Early Application

It is important to apply to a college of one’s selection fairly early, if possible during the summer (the deadlines are in November and December). The application can be submitted through the institution’s website. If one is unsure about the process or has any questions about a potential medical career, they can always call the office of admissions where they can find the relevant information they need.

Alex Funicello started his college process very early, and it turned out to be a decision that he will likely never regret.


Alex Funicello - The Secrets of Long-Term Relationships

Alex Funicello is a renowned pulmonologist who has managed to thrive both in his private and professional lives. When asked about the secrets of a stable and happy marriage, Dr. Funicello offers sound theories.

Embrace Being Different

A long-standing cliché suggests that finding one’s soulmate is not only possible, but necessary if he or she wants to be happy. The truth is that the idea of a soulmate – at least in its widely imagined form – is false, and one could argue there is no such thing. A relationship is about embracing differences and learning to love someone despite their flaws, or sometimes because of them.

Accepting that Nobody is Perfect

Another problem is creating an unrealistic image of the partner, one that could not possibly live up to reality. Everybody is fallible, and anyone can make mistakes. The sooner one learns to accept this, the better off they’ll be.

Learn to Talk about the Reasons

There is no relationship without arguments. The truth is that even those who do not think that they make this mistake, will fall victim to arguments from time to time, maybe without even realizing it. Arguments happen, and there is nothing wrong with that until the reasons are revealed. Being honest is the most important thing in any relationship. Alex Funicello is capable of seeing the best qualities in his wife and still remaining realistic, which allows the two to have a really rewarding relationship that seemingly gets better and better as the years go by.


Alex Funicello - Golf as a Life-changing Experience

Alex Funicello loves golfing. In fact, he loves everything that comes with it. This includes the fact that it is basically played in nature, the quietness of it, and also the steep requirements that the sport expects out of him. Many people think that golf as a hobby takes too much time away, but there are other elements of this argument, that suggest sacrificing that time may very well be worth it.


While Dr. Funicello is often accompanied by his wonderful wife on the golf court, this activity generally provides excellent opportunities for him to have some time for himself. Many people function better when they have a little bit of space, when they can think through certain life-decisions that could potentially change everything. Having some breathing room, quite literally, can be a tremendous help in these situations.

Ditch Technology

We are surrounded by technology, and it plays a huge part in our lives. A golf course can be that last safe haven where someone can turn off their phone and simply enjoy the sounds of nature, not to mention their golf swing.

Being Outside

People these days spend less and less time outside. Even when they are not at home, they are usually in a restaurant, coffee shop or any other indoor location with Wi-Fi.

As a huge golf enthusiast who appreciates the game, Alex Funicello often finds himself on the golf courses. He uses those moments to relax and let off some steam, although that does not exclude having some truly competitive bouts with his wife.


Alex Funicello on Building His First Model Railroad

Alex Funicello is an avid model railroad enthusiast who completed his first railroad many years ago. The process can seem incredibly hard to anyone who would not enjoy it, but those who have a passion for it can easily lose a day or two on their first model railroad without realizing how much time has passed. With that said, certain manual and engineering skills are required for the completion of these advanced railroad models.

It All Starts with the Planning Process

Any complex work starts with the preparation process. It is important to follow certain guidelines, not necessarily because of the time, but rather the quality.

Room for the Layout

It all starts with the layout. The model kit has all the necessary information regarding the space it needs. Always follow these instructions and make sure there is enough room for it.

Visualize the Whole Thing

Try to see the whole thing in front of your eyes. The box usually has a high quality picture of what the finished railroad model should look like, and use that as a point of reference.

Use Your Basic Manual and Engineering Skills

If you are thinking about putting together a fairly complex railroad set that has electronic parts and likely a working train as well, it might require possessing a minimal level of knowledge on the subject. This is important because without manual and basic engineering skills, you have no hope of putting together a set like that.

Alex Funicello often visits model train conventions where he can meet with his fellow enthusiasts, talking about the subject in depth.


Alex Funicello - Learning Ski Rules

Alex Funicello is an avid skier who likes to slide down the slopes whenever he can take some time off work. He visited many countries where skiing is not only very popular but can be enjoyed in unique locations. He enjoys the sport for various reasons, including the physiological benefits that it can provide. When he started skiing, he needed a couple of months before he became consistent at it, but being the maximalist that he is, he could not stop there. Today he is an experienced veteran who can handle even the most dangerous courses.

Understanding the Rules

When starting out, it is very important to understand the rules of the slope, especially the trail difficulty. Knowing which course is adequate to your skill level is crucial. The green circle indicates an easy slope for beginners, the blue square is for intermediates, the black diamond is for experienced skiers, and the double black diamond is really only recommended for true veterans, and those who know and respect the slope.

Right of Way

One of the most common causes of accidents is not knowing the right of way on the ski court. The rule is simple, but many people still do not understand it. Those who are ahead of someone, meaning further down the slope, have the right of way. This means that the skier who comes from behind has the responsibility of avoiding those in front of him or her. Overtaking is allowed, but avoiding an accident is the responsibility of the person who tries to overtake.

Alex Funicello is an avid skier who understands the importance of safety on ski courses.