Alexis Sindledecker

Mesopotamia being advanced?
Uh, of course duh!

Mesopotamia and irrigation systems.

Mesopotamian's were the first to have irrigation systems. When farmers noticed that the mountains brought wonderful silt, but with that silt brought horrible floods. In order to save the crops farmers had to build irrigation systems. Irrigation systems are systems that lead water to different places so farmers could spread farming land and the crops wouldn't flood. Irrigation systems symbolizes that Mesopotamia was very advanced because they ran into a huge problem, but they used their heads and came up with a system to stop the flooding. Without this system we probably wouldn't have a system of writing, the wheel, or any of the things Mesopotamian's made.

    Wondering how right? Well ,yeah, someone might have made it after the Mesopotamian's, but thankfully the Mesopotamian's had food. Without irrigation systems there wouldn't be any food so people wouldn't have lived.  

The flooding was a HUGE problem for the Mesopotamian's. Going around this problem took real thinking to figure out how to stop flooding. Modern day irrigation uses different sizes sprinkler type things like this one

Huge right? Well Mesopotamian's just dug out ditches called dikes. These dikes would be packed with dirt and other materials to make sure that the walls of the dike didn't fall.

The dike above is made of stone while Mesopotamia's dikes where just made of dirt.

    Could you imagine having your crops destroyed because of flooding? Not only that but food is something essential to survive! Without food people couldn't survive, so in order to make the food irrigation systems were built. I believe that irrigation systems shows Mesopotamia was advanced because they had a very big problem and they tackled it by using their brains and the world around them.