Alex Schendell

CEO at Harvest Group of Boston

About Alex Schendell

As Chief Executive Officer and one of the founders of Harvest Group of Boston in Beverly, Massachusetts, Alex Schendell invests his work with an intimate understanding of the intricate world of retail business. Along with his seasoned colleagues Sean Magee and Joseph DeWald, Alex Schendell has built Harvest Group of Boston into one of the premiere retail management consulting firms in the U.S., providing all manner of services to client organizations both large and small. In his position as CEO, Alex Schendell directs the overall vision of Harvest Group of Boston and seeks to develop long-term relationships with each of his company’s clients.

At Harvest Group of Boston, Alex Schendell promotes the concept of “principal partnerships,” in which he and his associates act as all-purpose senior management consultants to client firms. A logical extension of a given senior management team, a Principal Partner of Harvest Group of Boston operates in a comprehensive organizational capacity and draws upon the 30-plus years’ combined experience of Alex Schendell, Joseph DeWald, and Sean Magee. Employing an intensive, hands-on approach at Harvest Group of Boston, Alex Schendell helps clients maximize their efficiency across all aspects of company operations, including marketing, organic growth strategies, supply chain, customer service models, and more.

Alex Schendell launched Harvest Group of Boston in June 2009 following a successful two-year period as Chief Operations Officer for Moscow, Russia-based Eldorado LLC. A 10-year veteran of Best Buy Stores, where he held numerous managerial and executive roles, Alex Schendell gained a diverse array of experience during his lengthy tenure in the company’s corporate offices. In addition, Alex Schendell served in a managerial capacity at J Riggings and Giant Food, LLC. A 1986 graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Alex Schendell earned a B.S. in Criminal Justice.

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