Alex Shamash

Head of Business Development at Messenger Plus!

About Alex Shamash

Experienced in diverse aspects of technology project leadership, Alex Shamash guides business development at Messenger Plus! He and his team develop new versions of the most widely adopted Windows Live Messenger extension, which has more than 60 million users worldwide. The full range of enhanced instant messaging features offered through Messenger Plus! includes scripts, emoticons, skins, sounds, and plugins. Alex Shamash works collaboratively with a team that is conceptualizing new aspects of the upcoming Messenger Plus! release. He also engages daily with public relations and software promotion teams to ensure a successful product launch.

Mr. Shamash completed his undergraduate studies in business administration and media studies at Manchester University in the UK. He has engaged in creative capacities with Messenger Plus! for a decade over a period of sustained growth. Alex Shamash is focused on creating a more children- and family-friendly instant messaging environment that will include new personal information safeguards.

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