My trip to Ireland

First morning in Ireland ! One of the most beautiful rainbow I'ver ever seen

First, this trip in Ireland was outstanding, we did so much things than i can't remember of all of them.

First of all, the boat ride was the best part of the trip, the atmosphere was perfect, all the students was together, some of them was dancing, others were vomiting in the toilet but in all cases everybody was having fun.

About Families, mine was cool, each evening they asked us what we did, where we went. But sometimes in my opinion, they was disrespectful because first Matthieu my roommate had given some little waffles to the family and in the evening of the third day the family, for dessert, they gave us these waffles and in the evening of the fourth day the dog was eating one of these waffles. We laughed a lot and found this very disrespectful but we ignored this. Otherwise, the family was good but their children was reserved.

Next, Dublin is a beautiful city, she is very close to nature with many parks but it is also very urban with the frightening number of buses in the city-centre. Grafton Street and Henry Street are the two mains shopping streets in Dublin, there are so many " Starbucks Coffee " concentrated in these street it's amazing !

To finish, It was the better trip with school I've ever made, it was so cool that I was sad at the end of the trip, i wanted to stay in Portmarnock with all my friends !

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