Alfred Zaccagnino

President of Samarian Group

About Alfred Zaccagnino

Leveraging business skills honed in the finance and media industries, Alfred Zaccagnino serves as executive producer of a major cinematic project involving the prequel to the film, Passion of the Christ. Called Mary, Mother of Christ, the film will receive nationwide distribution by Lionsgate, which has committed to showing it on thousands of screens. With the help of financial backers like Alfred Zaccagnino, the creative team hopes to have the project ready to premiere in 2014.

Complementing his role as a film producer, Mr. Zaccagnino works as president and founder at Samarian Group, Ltd., an investment enterprise dedicated to the kind of sound financial practice that results in strong returns. The firm operates several offices internationally, including one in the Cayman Islands and another in Luxembourg. As president, Alfred Zaccagnino guides the firm by combining market awareness with the strategic insight necessary to mitigate risk. Further, he builds relationships between the firm and important clients such as high net worth investors, executives, and politicians from around the world.

Mr. Zaccagnino is the founder of Penta, one of New York City's top members-only clubs for elite power players. Penta provides a unique safe haven for leaders from various industries to socialize, unwind, and/or conduct business with their colleagues and clients in an exclusive and service-oriented environment. Located on world-renowned 5th Avenue in the heart of New York City, V is well positioned to leverage location, affluence, and the notoriety of its local and international clientele.

Mr. Zaccagnino is also a celebrated philanthropist, as demonstrated by his support of programs enabling young people to reach their full potential. He is a contributor to the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club and the Duncan Smith Educational Theatre.

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