Divergent Review

                                                           Brittney Ho

If you’re looking for an action packed, emotional book then Veronica Roth’s exile rating book ‘Divergent’ will fix your problems. This book pulled me into the amazing world with factions and Tris being the main character will take over your mind with her emotions. There are multiple reasons on why I would recommend this book.

Starting with the characters, lets just say they will fill your heart throughout the book. It all started by Beatrice Prior or as known as ‘Tris’. Her family will soon become your own, starting with her brother, Celeb Prior, he is intelligent and selfless, sooner or later he’ll be having you traveling along with his emotions, next comes her mother, Natalie Prior, she is selfless yet she hides herself because of her faction, then comes her father, Andrew Prior, you don’t see much of him in the book but lets just say he changed my perspective of the book. Her family was originally from Abnegation, yet there are some secrets revealed throughout the book. Though the book Tris had made me feel her emotions and pain. The side character are equally important to me even though they're not the main character. Starting off with Four, first off he’s an amazing character in so many ways; from serious, and emotionless to kind and selfless. He is also one of the dauntless leader/trainer. Tris also makes so new friends throughout the book and series.

The summary/plot of the book ‘Divergent’ is pretty simple and explanatory. So when Tris chose dauntless, Tris (Veronica Roth) explained a lot about the test she had to take she had to take after her training in dauntless, either physically or mentally. She also explained a lot about the training and the 3 stages (will be explain in the book). Next we have the society. The way the factions was created was by splitting people into 5 groups depending on your personality. The factions are Amity, Dauntless, Abnegation, Candor, and Erudite. The complete opposite of factions are factionless. The faction less are people that were kicked out of their own faction; either they betrayed their faction or they didn't make it through the tests.

Veronica Roth ends the brilliant book with an amazing cliffhanger that leaves the reader on the their seat. Yet keep in mind that the book is very descriptive. I would recommend the book to anyone that is into action, adventure, and romance.

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