Niels Bohr

Teresa Weir

Years and Discovery

He studied at Copenhagen University

Years  1885 - 1911

4 sentence of the importance

Bohr’s own research led him to theorize in a series of articles that atoms give off electromagnetic radiation as a result of electrons jumping to different orbit levels.

Bohr had to make a radical proposal.. the electron can only occupy certain stable orbits with prescribed energies

The electron orbit closed to the proton has the lowest energy. Energy is the needed to " pull " or " lift " the electron away from the proton, so orbits with larger radii have higher energies.

The energy source - light. The electron can also absorb a photon of light and use all of that photon energy to jump from a lower energy orbit up to a higher energy orbit

4 fun facts

Birthday Oct. 7,1885

Death Nov. 18, 1962

Place of Birth Copenhagen , Denmark

Full Name Niels Henrik David Bohr

Bohr made his frist model in 1913

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