Alicyn Roy

Senior Account Executive at Merchant Services

About Alicyn Roy

Alicyn Roy of Merchant Services is a Senior Account Executive at Merchant Services and resides in Los Angeles, California. Alicyn Roy volunteers for a variety of charitable organizations both through her work at Merchant Services and through her own personal endeavors. She enjoys horseback riding and owns a horse, Setero that accompanied her in winning a number of championships this past year. In fact, Alicyn Roy was crowned as the Champion by the CPHA in the 22 years and older category. Riding Setero, Alicyn not only dominated the CPHA Foundation, but also the SFHJA Challenge, and the LAHJA LA Saddlery Junior/ Senior medals.

Alicyn Roy also has a passion for traveling. Photographs of her hot air balloon adventure in Loire Valley, France, were chosen by Conde Nast for the Dream Trip Traveler Contest and featured on their website. The travel magazine had asked participants to send in photographs along with a description of their dream vacation. The photo submitted by Alicyn Roy of Merchant Services captured the contrasting colors in the newly cut fields of Loire Valley beautifully and was selected as a finalist among all of the submissions for the contest.

With regard to the professional life of Alicyn Roy, Merchant Services helped her to hone her talent and she now works to assist her fellow colleagues with achieving success in their chosen profession. Alicyn Roy can be contacted for career opportunities, new ventures, as well as assistance with helping your business to succeed.

Merchant Services provides innovative and flexible payment processing solutions and a comprehensive package of products and services for a variety of merchants. Their services include credit card transactions, debit card transactions, check service, gift cards, system upgrades, online processing, mobile processing and a comprehensive data protection program.

It is one of the few companies to stand by its mantra of corporate social responsibility. Several of its employees including Alicyn Roy have been involved in various charities including raising funds for disaster relief funds for the Japanese earthquake and Pacific tsunami victims.

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