Ali Mesiwala MD

Award-Winning San Bernardino Physician

A neurosurgeon with Chaparral Medical Group in the San Bernardino suburb of Pomona, California, Ali Mesiwala, MD, treats patients at several regional hospitals. He also holds medical administrative posts at St. Bernardine Medical Center and the Southern California Center for Neuroscience and Spine. While working toward his medical degree at the University of California, San Francisco, Ali Mesiwala, MD, won multiple scholarships and served as president of the UCSF chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society.

Ali Mesiwala, MD, went on to garner a number of honors as a practicing physician, including a 2006 Community Award from Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center and a 2009 Inland Empire “Top Doctor” designation from Inland Empire Magazine. In 2012, the Los Angeles Business Journal named Dr. Mesiwala a Healthcare Leadership Award finalist in recognition of his outstanding work as a medical center executive and a research executive.

Claremont’s Historic Train Depot Remakes Itself as Art Museum

Accomplished neurosurgeon at the Southern California Center for Neuroscience and Spine, Ali Mesiwala, MD, is also a devoted supporter of the Claremont Museum of Art, of which he is a founding member. The museum displays the decades-long heritage of artistic creativity in the eastern Los Angeles County city of Claremont and the surrounding region. Thanks to the generosity of Ali Mesiwala, MD, and his fellow donors, the museum is successfully making a transition from a museum without walls to one with a permanent home at the Claremont Depot.

In December 2015, museum officials concluded an agreement with the city of Claremont to lease space in the historic unoccupied depot. The depot was constructed just before the Great Depression, and underwent partial renovation in 1990. Early in 2016, the museum prepared to conduct extensive renovations of the depot’s interior to bring it up to the condition of its Spanish Colonial Revival-style exterior.

The Claremont Museum is home to the work of artists creating in the community since the first half of the 20th century. With its space in the depot, the collection will have room for display, and the surrounding grounds can host activities and classes for children and adults.

In September, the arts community enjoyed the Claremont Museum’s annual gala at the depot. The evening featured food, wine, and live jazz as it raised money for the museum through live and silent auctions.

The 13th Annual Padua Hills Art Fiesta

Ali Mesiwala, MD, a Pomona, California-based neurosurgeon with more than a decade of professional experience, serves as the medical director of the Chaparral Medical Group, Inc. Ali Mesiwala, MD, is also a founding member of the Claremont Museum of Art.

The 13th Annual Padua Hills Art Fiesta is set to take place at the Claremont Museum of Art on Sunday, November 6, 2016, and will focus on local architecture and mid-century art. The outdoor event will feature a number of music and arts and crafts activities for visitors, in addition to a general art show. The 2016 Padua Hills Art Fiesta will also screen a preview of the documentary film Claremont Modern: The Convergence of Art and Architecture at Midcentury, produced by Claremont Heritage. The preview will play on loop throughout the day.

The first Padua Hills Art Fiesta took place in 1953. The event was revived in 2011 by the Claremont Museum of Art. To learn more about the upcoming event, visit the museum online at

Southern California Sculptor Celebrated the Beauty of Wood

Long-time arts supporter Ali Mesiwala, MD, is among the founding members of the Claremont Museum of Art. The acclaimed neurosurgeon, a member of the staff at Southern California Center for Neuroscience and Spine in Pomona, serves patients from surrounding San Bernardino and Los Angeles. Ali Mesiwala, MD, also gives back to his community through his involvement with the museum, as well as in his position as medical director for the local branch of the Snoop Youth Football League.

The Claremont Museum of Art has held various exhibitions over the years, including one that opened in 2014 focusing on the work of Southern California sculptor John Svenson. Svenson died in April 2016, aged 92. But he leaves a legacy of lasting value, primarily as the creator of vividly detailed pieces in wood.

As part of its role as a “museum without walls,” the Claremont Museum offered “John Svenson: For the Love of Wood” from November 2014 through February 2015 at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. While the Pomona Valley native’s body of work encompassed multiple materials, his love of the natural world came through perhaps most strikingly in his wood sculptures. These ranged over his lifetime from delicate carvings to large-scale public displays.

Among Svenson’s notable compositions was the gigantic figure “Ranchero,” carved from redwood. The piece was commissioned for the Los Angeles County Fair and installed outside its arts building in 1953.

Claremont Region a Hub of the Arts Since World War II

Board certified neurosurgeon Ali Mesiwala, MD, has received widespread praise for his medical skills and for his contributions to the literature of his profession. The Southern California-based physician, who earned his medical degree from the University of California, San Francisco, remains deeply committed to his state and his region. Among the charitable contributions of Ali Mesiwala, MD is his role as a founding member of the Claremont Museum of Art, a “museum without walls” that has sponsored several exhibitions of local artists.

These artists include cartoonist Paul Darrow, who provided the Claremont Courier newspaper with his work over the span of six decades. They also include sculptor Betty Davenport Ford, whose bronze and clay animal figures captured the spirit of wildness and the natural world, and acclaimed painter Millard Sheets, whose “Hills and Horses” exhibit focused on his depictions of the countryside around Padua Hills.

The Claremont area is renowned for its role in America’s art history. After World War II, a new generation of artists and other creatives migrated to the community, attracted by its exemplary colleges and art schools whose ivy-laced, Craftsman-style buildings and tranquil atmosphere seemed to capture the best elements of east coast universities while adding the youthful excitement of the west coast.

Venice Beach became one of the region’s gathering places for artists, as did the low-key Pomona Valley, where furniture maker Sam Maloof and his circle were regulars at small local eateries.

Claremont Museum Finds New Home

Since 2005, Ali Mesiwala, MD, has been practicing as a neurosurgeon at Chaparral Medical Group, Inc., in Pomona, California. Apart from being a board-licensed medical practitioner, Dr. Ali Mesiwala is one of the founding members of the Claremont Museum of Art.

The historic Claremont Depot is the new home of the Claremont Museum of Art. The building was built in the 1920s and was revived in 1990. It remained unoccupied for a long time, which prompted the City Council to vote unanimously in favor of the museum’s request to turn the huge space into something more useful. They also agreed to fund the renovations and enhancements of its interior.

Since it is located in the center of the city, the building is the perfect place to exhibit the works of Claremont’s local artists.

The so-called “museum without walls” has hosted galleries and has been operating since 2004. Now that that the Claremont Museum of Art finally found a permanent residence, volunteers plan to dig all of the museum’s art collection out of storage and increase its presence in the city.

Claremont Museum of Art’s Project ARTstART

The chief of St. Bernardine Medical Center’s Department of Surgery and Division of Neurological Surgery in San Bernardino, California, Ali Mesiwala, MD, has more than 10 years of experience as a neurosurgeon. Active in his community, Ali Mesiwala, MD, is a founding member of the Claremont Museum of Art in Claremont, California.

Committed to celebrating the rich artistic legacy and culture of the region, the Claremont Museum of Art maintains several education programs, such as Project ARTstART. A collaborative program between the Claremont Museum of Art and the Claremont Unified School District (CUSD), Project ARTstART serves students from six schools: Claremont High School and Oakmont, Sumner, Mountain View, Vista del Valle, and Sycamore Elementary Schools. The program is funded through donations from numerous community organizations and foundations, including the LA County Arts Commission and Claremont Educational Foundation.

Project ARTstART brings art appreciation classes and activities to the local school system by training high school students to teach exhibit-based art lessons to elementary school students. The project has been in operation since 2011 and is now made up of more than 60 high school students and six Community Curator Interns of college age.

Claremont Museum of Art Organizes Photography Class for Students

Ali Mesiwala, MD, sits as the director of neurological surgery at the Southern California Center for Neuroscience and Spine. In addition to his medical practice, Ali Mesiwala, MD, serves as a founding member of the Claremont Museum of Art.

A “museum without walls,” the Claremont Museum of Art has organized 10 exhibitions in various locations, often in borrowed spaces in the community. The volunteer organization has more than 300 members who have organized art events such as the Padua Hills Art Fiesta.

Aside from staging art exhibits, the Claremont Museum of Art conducts arts education programs such as ARTpix for young people. ARTpix invites middle school students of El Roble to attend an eight-week digital camera training program.

ARTpix teaches students basic photography skills and photographic elements such as composition and perspective. Students get to apply these skills by taking pictures of the village of Claremont. To culminate the program, each student’s photographic images are displayed on the Art Wall of The Packing House in the West Village of Claremont.

The ARTpix Program at the Claremont Museum of Art

A resident of Claremont, California, Ali Mesiwala is an expert in neurosurgery who holds a BS from Johns Hopkins University and an MD from the University of California, San Francisco. Currently, Ali Mesiwala, MD, serves as the Medical Director at the Chaparral Medical Group where he is responsible for patient care and research projects. In addition to his professional work, Dr. Mesiwala is a supporter of several charities including the Claremont Museum of Art.

Incorporated in 2004, the Claremont Museum of Art is a volunteer organization based in Claremont, California. Originally a mobile 'museum without walls,' the Claremont museum strives to display exhibits and operate programs that celebrate Claremont’s artistic tradition and culture. One of these programs is known as ARTpix.

Produced by the Claremont Museum of Art, the ARTpix program is an art education initiative operated through a partnership with El Roble Intermediate School. The program focuses on photography skills and provides an opportunity for youth in the seventh or eighth grades to receive hands-on camera training. The class runs over a five week period and covers such topics as framing, composition, light, shadow, and color, among others.