Brighton Beach Memoirs
By Gabrielle Holguin

The Great Depression

the Great Depression was from 1929-1939, it was the longest lasting economic down turn in the history of the western industrialized world it began as soon as the stark market crashed of October 1929 which wiped out millions of investors over the next several years, consumer spending and investment dropped causing steep declines in industrial output and increasing unemployment as failing companies laid off workers. By 1933 13-15 Million Americans were unemployed and nearly half of the countries banks have failed President Franklin D. Roosevelt helped lessen the worst effect the economy wouldn't fully turn around till 1939.

Colleges in the 1930's

Columbia university was founded in 1754 as King's college by King George II of England. It is the oldest institution of higher learning in the state of new york and the 5th oldest in the united states. In July 1754, Samuel Johnson held the first classes in a new schoolhouse adjoining Trinity Church, located on what is now lower Broadway in Manhattan. In 1897 this university moved uptown to a more spacious Morning side height. they do not have a mascot due to the fact that their so old the never consider updating it.

Stan's apology letter

Dear, Mr.Stroheim

I would like to apologize for me behavior at work yesterday. The way i reacted to my situation was very unprofessional, i should not have swept dirt on your shoes, it was very disrespectful. I realize that i was wrong to do that No employer has the right to treat you with that kind of disrespect. From now on i will be the best employer that you will ever have always treat you with the very most respect. Everyday i will work my hardest, ill even work extra hours if you would like and come in earlier then usual whatever work you give me will be done without error. please reconsider me.


Stanley Jerome

Broadway Show

In 1911 Gaston Leroux published Le Fantôme de l’Opéra, introducing it to his readers by explaining how he carried out his own enquiries into the strange events that had occurred in the famous Opera House in the 1880s. he was inspired by the most famous/ haunted theater in France. He tells of how he visited the huge underground lake where the Phantom hid and even stumbled upon the skeletons of “some poor wretches who had been massacred under the Commune in the cellars of the Opera.” His play was not very big when he was alive it was disappointing to the people who read it. It was to be the reading of this serial by a researcher for Universal Pictures which set in motion the chain of events which were to bring the The Phantom of the Opera to the screen for the first time in 1925 and make a star of Lon Chaney Snr. Gaston Leroux was not happy with his fame but he still went to go see the film in 1926 but by then his heath was failing he died in 1927. Now Phantom Of the Opera is one of the greatest plays on Broadway and is shown all around the country.


Review over Book

Brighton Beach Memoirs was on of the best books ive 

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