Athena, the daughter of Zeus is the goddess of wisdom

Athena is the goddess of wisdom, arts and literature,  battle strategy and war. Athena the daughter  Zeus was born when Hephaestus split open Zeus's head and Athena walked out in full battle armor. Athena's roman name was Minerva. Godot13, wikemedia

Athena has four siblings, Apollo, Ares Hebe and Hephaestus. Her godly parents were Zeus the king of the gods and her mother was Metis.

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Athena's symbols are an owl because they are her sacred animal. The olive branch because Athena made the olive tree when she was competing with Poseidon to win over the people of Athens.

athena greek goddess

Athena's power include control over Pottery, weaving, wisdom and art because she is the god of things. She also has strength beyond the normal goddess.

Some fun facts about Athena are that she can change her shape to any living being she wants. She Competed with Poseidon  for a city to be named after them Athena won.

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