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Challenge accepted. Except... I don't have a dog. So I'll use the "Top Dogs" I've met. Their owners can also consider themselves challenged to create a #BarkPost & submit it to #StumbleBloggers ... because, well... if I've learned anything it's that dog owners love showing off their dogs. And I'm sure I won't do them enough justice in that category.

Without further ado....

My Top 5 Dogs 🐶

Spartan – A sweet warrior


He's a very well-behaved beagle-thing from Norfolk, Virginia who likes cheese & chasing crabs at the beach. Spartan's BFF: @justinbennett122 & @ipullteeth

Sir Charles

Charlie Wrinkles

I know Charlie likes LOST because I'm pretty sure he was named after Charlie Pace (YOU ALLLL EVERYBODY!) What I did not know, is that Charlie apparently loves front-seat car rides. Charlie's BFF: @whitneyzunic

Cinnamon – A patient pup


Well she don't eat meat but she sure likes the milk bone. And she looks pretty good at tricks too. Cinnamon's BFF: @Marko_311 (aka @oonwfndglry00)

Simba – A friendly idiot


Simba enjoys biting things, chewing on things, being bad, jumping on things it shouldn't jump on, almost choking to death on things, and then getting hugs afterwards because he's just too dang cute. But hey, if you leave a tasty item on the floor why wouldn't he try to eat it? Simba's BFF: @jillianhurst

Simba. Cinnamon. Wrinkles. Spartan. That's 4...

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