I am guessing that you have come here to learn a bit about Buddhism. Well first thing is first, Buddhism is a monotheistic religion that started off in India in 500 BC and has spread across the world all the way over to the U.S. Buddhism has now become known as one of the world's most influential religions. Now you are probably wondering, "Who started Buddhism?" Buddhism started with a boy by the name of Siddhartha Gautama. Gautama's early life is known mainly from many religious writings and readings. Gautama was born a prince in early 563 B.C. Gautama's mother has always dreamed that a radiant white elephant had fallen to her from heaven. Signs like this had meant that a prophet predicted that the boy would someday become a wandering holy man.

The "holy book" for Buddhists is the Tripitaka.

Leadership: Dalai Llama

Theravada: Closely followed the Buddha's original teachings.

Mahayana: Made Buddhism easier for ordinary people to follow.

Basic Beliefs: Nirvana-The "extinguishing of the fires that cause suffering".  This is when a Buddhist or Monk reach their peaceful state.

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