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The flag is very similar to Colombia and Venezuela's flag because when those countries gained independence, they formed a confederation together called Gran Colombia, and after they broke up they still kept a similar flag design. In the flag, yellow represents the sun and gold, red represents courage and strength, and blue symbolizes independence from Spain.

Basic Information

Name: The name of this country is Ecuador and the full name is The Republic of Ecuador.

Capital: The capital city is called Quito.

Language: The official language in Ecuador is Spanish and the majority of people speak it.

Location: The country is located in North-western South America and is bordered by Colombia to the north, Peru to the east and south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

Population: The population is about 15.2 million.

Religion: The predominant religion is Roman Catholic and 95% of the population practice this religion.  

Currency: The currency they use is the US Dollar ($).

Chart of World's Top Banana Exporters

As you can see, Ecuador is the top exporter of bananas in the world. They make up almost half of the world's banana exports and they make a lot of money from doing so.

Did You Know?...

1) Ecuador is the only country in the world named after a geographical feature. It is named after the equator because it runs through the country.

2) Guinea pigs are considered as a delicacy and are eaten in Ecuador.

3) Ecuador's national flower is the rose.

Cultural Aspects

Popular Food: Ceviche

Ceviche is a popular dish that consists of seafood marinated in lime or lemon juice. It is often eaten at the beach or at restaurants.

Tourist Attractions

1) Cotopaxi

This is a snow-covered volcano that is located south of Quito. It is said to be the highest active volcano in the world. People like to climb this volcano because it is relatively easy to climb.

2) Otavalo Market

This is a large and colourful market located in Otavalo where people can purchase handicrafts and weavings from local artisans. Things sold here include crafts, dolls, clothing, etc.

3) Quilotoa

This is a water-filled caldera (crater) in the Ecuadorian Andes and it was formed by a collapse of  land when this volcano exploded about 800 years ago. The lake gives off a greenish colour and the area around it is ideal for hikers.

National Anthem

The national anthem of Ecuador is called "Salve, Oh Patria," which means "We salute you, our homeland."


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