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Headquartered in South Jordan, Utah, Allegis Wealth Advisors supports three additional locations in Utah and Idaho. Company founders Chris Miller and Heath Bowen established Allegis Wealth Advisors in 2009 with a mission to help clients strengthen and protect their finances, while also serving as a “behind-the-scenes” partner to support independent consultants with a variety of professional tools and educational opportunities. The firm currently employs a team of talented financial consultants and investment professionals who are equipped to offer targeted advice in a range of specialized disciplines.

Working with both individual and business clients, Allegis provides a broad spectrum of insurance and investment management services including customized retirement and estate planning. To better serve its client base, it stresses the importance of employee training and support, helping insurance agents become financial advisors and creating competent client educators through its Wealth Building Cornerstones program.

What You Need to Know About Stock Market Indexes

A Utah-based firm, Allegis Wealth Advisors helps clients achieve and maintain financial independence. In addition, Allegis Wealth Advisors works with financial and investment advisors to provide them with tools and key information. Stock market indexes are tools that investment advisors often use to serve their clients.

A stock market index measures the fluctuations in a specific set of securities. Outlined criteria determine which securities are included in each index. Each index may be divided according to the location of companies, their size, industry, or even stock liquidity. One example is the S&P 500, which looks at large-cap American companies across a range of industries.

Once an index is defined, the performance of securities in the index is tracked and then aggregated to give a representation of how those securities have performed. The performance of the index has no bearing on the performance of a specific security, but rather the general performance of all securities in the index. Individuals cannot invest in an index, but can rather use them as a guide for choosing investments.

When looking at indexes, it is critical to pay attention to what is included so that investment advisors to not make false assumptions. For example, the Nasdaq Composite Index looks at the performance of all stocks listed on that exchange, but a sector index would only look at securities in one industry.

Humane Society Supports Act Giving FBI Power in Animal Abuse Cases

Allegis Wealth Advisors is a Utah firm that empowers individuals to achieve financial security and offers key tools and advice for financial and investment advisors that helps them better serve their clients. To give back to the community, Allegis Wealth Advisors provides support for a number of organizations, including the Humane Society of the United States.

One of the critical roles of the Humane Society is acting as an advocate for animals, who have no other voice in the legislative process. Recently, the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act was introduction to the House of Representatives. The bill provides power to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and US Attorneys to prosecute animal abuse cases when they occur on federal property, cross state lines, or relate to interstate commerce.

The act would serve as an important complement to felony penalties enacted in all 50 states in cases involving malicious animal cruelty. In addition, the act closes a loophole from the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act of 2010 that allows for prosecution of abuse if only a video of the abuse was created.

What Is Pension Maximization?

Allegis Wealth Advisors provides independent investment advisors with a range of tools and management solutions to help them achieve financial security for their clients. Independent financial professionals rely on Allegis Wealth Advisors for a range of products and services, many of which are geared to helping individuals in their retirement planning. When thinking ahead to retirement, individuals need to consider a number of options, including pension maximization.

With a pension plan, individuals can sometimes choose between a single life annuity, which only pays to the pension holder for the remainder of his or her life, and a joint and survivor annuity, which continues to pay out to a spouse after the employee's death. Unfortunately, the latter option involves a lesser payout each month, since it continues payments for the surviving spouse.

Some people opt for the pension maximization strategy, which means taking the single life annuity and then purchasing a life insurance policy to support the surviving spouse. Should the person with the pension die, the pension payments stop, but the spouse receives a death benefit payout that incurs no taxes. This payout can be invested to provide continued support.

The pension maximization strategy only makes sense if the cost of the monthly life insurance premium is less than the gap between payout for single life and joint and survivor options.