A Rhetorical Analysis Essay Project
of 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

By Amber Allen
English 12 with Mr. Smith at CNHS

Fiat: The Fiat Blue Pill
2015 Super Bowl Commercial

Mr. Smith's English 12 Essay Project

Rhetorical Analysis Essay
By Amber Allen

                                         The Fiat 500 Blue Pill Commercial

The clever 2015 SuperBowl commercial for the Fiat 500 takes the viewer on an unexpected journey. It starts out showing an Italian Villa with birds chirping in the background as it takes you into the bedroom of an older couple. The woman is lying on the bed, trying to entice her man to come join her. The man anxiously runs into the bathroom where he goes to pop what appears to be his last little blue Viagra pill in his mouth and misses. The adventure really begins when the little blue pill goes flying out the window. It goes rolling off a rooftop, skipping across a fountain, ricocheting off walls and other objects, then slides down a drain making its way through the villa where it eventually lands in the open gas tank of a red Fiat.

You really do not know for sure what the commercial is trying to sell the audience until you get to the end of the commercial, which intrigues the viewer even more. It makes me think of when a comedian is telling a funny story and you think you know where he’s going with it and then he hits you with a totally unexpected punch line. I believe the element of surprise was the writers intent. I found this commercial to be entertaining and humorous with a twist at the end that actually had me laughing out loud.

The commercial is insinuating that the “mature” audience knows what the little blue pill represents and what happens when a man takes one. So when the little blue pill lands in the fuel tank of the little red Fiat and the car starts to expand and grow, that is when you realize this is a car commercial! The car turns into a Fiat 500X right before our eyes. The tag line for the ad is “bigger, more powerful and ready for action.” The writer makes a clear analogy about the affect that a blue pill can have on its objects.

The Fiat belongs to a good looking guy in his late twenties or early thirties. He has his back to his car and is unaware of a little blue pill falling into his gas tank. As he turns around to put gas in the car, he looks somewhat surprised to see that his car has transformed into the larger Fiat 500X. They show young women admiring his new Fiat 500X while making suggestive oohs and aahs of pleasure. It even gets the attention of an older woman walking by. As she makes an animalistic growling sound, you get the idea that this car can even bring out the cougar in an ordinary woman.

The emotional appeal the writer uses in this ad revolves around sex appeal and humor. The ad is intended to target an audience of men twenty-five years and older. The inference you get from this ad is that the Fiat 500X is a chick magnet. If you drive this car, you too will attract the ladies and find love. A red Fiat is used in the ad. Red is a hot and attractive color, a symbol of love, even lust, that grabs your attention. If the car in the ad was any other color, it wouldn’t have that same sex appeal they were after. The ad was more visual than verbal, due to the fact that actions can speak louder than words. The understatement of the use of dialogue in this commercial was a perfect example showing that sometimes less is more.

The ad is aimed at convincing the consumer that when he drives this car, his life is going to be more exciting. As in the main idea of the ad’s thesis, bigger implies better and the more powerful the vehicle, the more power you will have. This logic appeal will connect with urban Italians far less than suburban Americans, but the later is the target audience, not the former.

It’s not often that a commercial makes a lasting impression on me, but this did just that. The manner in which the writers presented the material on film was captivating to watch. It grabbed my attention right from the start and didn’t let go. I found myself intrigued in following that little blue pill on its journey through the villa, while not knowing where it was taking me or why. The ad was done by The Richards Group advertising agency and they accomplished what they set out to do. This Fiat ad will be one SuperBowl commercial that people will fall in love with.

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