All In The Walk

Helping people help their dogs be their very best

My Philosophy

I have loved dogs since I was a child, and today, I truly feel deep down in my heart that dogs are the greatest creatures on earth, and that we humans are so lucky to have this special relationship with them. And this relationship only gets better when we allow ourselves to truly understand our furry friends.

Dogs are pack animals, which is important to understand when developing and improving our relationship with them. A pack always has a leader, and in a dog's mind, the person or family he or she lives with is their pack. It's all they know and is hard wired in their DNA. So naturally, a dog without a leader can cause him or her stress, anxiety, and confusion. From the human perspective these might take the form of bad behavior, hyper energy, and a host of other problems.

A pack also is constantly on the move. Traveling behind a leader is in every single dog's DNA, and when this is achieved correctly, all other things fall into place.

My Method

My method puts a strong focus on properly walking with your friend. When it's done correctly, it builds a foundation for everything else, and soon enough your dog will be the best behaved and most loveable in town (OK, your dog is already the most loveable). It's not about using the right commands or teaching fun tricks, it's about a natural relationship. That's all.

Pricing & Sessions

The best results usually come from one session a week (one hour long, but I am flexible) for four weeks. The first session is half price ($50), and if you don't feel it's a good match I don't charge anything. All sessions after that are $100 and it's up to you how many you feel are necessary, but I do try to accomplish what's needed within a maximum of four sessions.

You Should Contact Me If...

You who want the best behaved and happiest pup in town. I work with dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages, and health conditions. You should also contact me if you're committed to working with your furry friend every day, which absolutely means some walking (exceptions do apply at times).

You Shouldn't Contact Me If...

You aren't willing to do the work when I'm not physically present, which means walking with your dog on a daily basis. If you flat out refuse to walk your dog twice a day, this is not the right program for you (exceptions do apply at times).

Get In Touch

Fill out the form below or give me a call at 201 240 1959 to schedule a session or for any questions you might have. I usually respond within 24 hours.

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