Allmet Roofing

Manufacturer of Stone-coated Steel Roofing Tiles

About Allmet Roofing

A construction industry product manufacturer, Allmet Roofing has helped countless homeowners, architects, and builders accomplish their detailed design objectives with a full line of stone-coated steel roof products. Attractive and durable, Allmet Roofing’s high-quality shingles and tiles can be found on residential properties, commercial buildings, and historically accurate structure renovations and restorations all over the world.

While the initial cost of an Allmet stone-coated metal roof may exceed those of many substandard roofing systems, building owners must take the expense of future repairs into consideration. The typical homeowner is forced to undertake costly roof replacement or repair procedures three times throughout the course of a lifetime. By contrast, the vast majority of Allmet roofing products come with a standard limited lifetime warranty that guarantees longevity and exceptional performance. The company’s heat-resistant roofing tiles are designed for maximum energy efficiency while providing outstanding protection against wind, rain, snow, ice, and hail.

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