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About the mobs,About the ores,Getting started

Have you ever found a diamond or a rock that looks like a diamond? Well have you ever heard of minecraft? Well it is really fun and cool to play on pc, mobile, xbox, playstation, and mac. Plus you can play it offline!

About the mobs

Well it is fun to have a pet well you can in minecraft. You can have a pet wolf and a cat. Some passive mobs are a cow, pig, sheep, and a bat and so many more. There are also aggressive mobs that can hurt you. Some of them are Zombies, creepers, spiders, and more.

About the ores

Now let me tell you about some of the ores that you can find. You can find diamonds, iron, gold, and redstone plus coal. You can also get some of them with your hand. You can also get water and lava in a bucket to keep and use.

Getting started

Don't have a house no problem, hide in a hole with a torch or in a cave but light it up. First get wood to build planks and a crafting table and 2 chests. Then get sticks to build tools and ladders. Finally go mining and get iron and then build a furnace with stone. Last but not least build a house or a cave to live in.


So Get food from mobs and you will stay alive. Get out there and get ores to get armor and tools. Build a house and you will be safe and not die. So that is pretty much it on all about minecraft so remember mine, craft it, and love it.


Wolf: member of the dog family.

Aggressive:Ready or likely to attack.

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