All Pest Pros

Provides Effective, Long-Term Rodent Proofing Services

About All Pest Pros

All Pest Pros specializes in long term, eco-friendly pest control. The company offers numerous services, including non-fumigation termite treatments and cost-effective insulation installation. As an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional trap-focused plans for rodent extermination, All Pest Pros provides 100 percent effective rat-proofing.

Whereas a traditional treatment for a rodent problem requires repeated visits by service technicians and the use of dangerous poisonous bait, the alternative method effectively addresses the problem by trapping and removing all of the rodents, and then preventing them from re-entry. The home is carefully inspected for holes and entry points, which are securely covered and re-constructed with construction grade materials. All of these services are covered in a one-time fee, as opposed to a monthly fee charged by companies who need to continuously check traps.

All Pest Pros provides cost effective, eco-friendly pest control services to many metropolitan areas of California, including Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, as well as surrounding areas.                                 

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