I Get Bored Easily...Way To Easily

Right, so I get bored easily, so expect a lot of these this weekend. A lot of them. No joke, I'm literally just going back and forth between this tab and a YouTube tab because I get bored way to easily as you can see from the title. Yep...I'm just going to say that's exactly why I started a YouTube channel. I just realized...THAT'S WHAT CONNOR FRANTA DID! Why am I in the mood for Fanta now. Mmmmm, Fanta. You know, I was at a sleepover and we went to the mall like a view hours before and my friend and I got orange Fanta and it was funny because when we got back to my friends house, I didn't know that the cap was open and I laid the bottle on the side and it spilled on the bed that two other people were sleeping on, so I tried to cover it up. And of course one of my friend's cousin's was all like "Oh look at that she's trying to cover it up. Wow." and I was like "Um noooooooooo?" So my other friend got blamed for it so... LUCKY ME!!! My teacher recommended this website to me, is that weird? I'm saying no. So no. It is not weird. I MESSED UP!!!! Ugh! Wait what? I mean... ummmm, follow me on here, sub to me on YouTube, and bye?

So I'm Bored.

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