allyson bias mesopotamia

I have chosen 3 aspects that prove that people in Mesopotamia where advanced
* things they created
* how they controlled and protected their land (fighting methods)
* last but not least system of writing

Things they created

They created a system of writing called cuneiform this was created by the sumerians. Only scribes new how to read and write scribes were very high on the social pyramid. the social pyramid was how they sorted people from least important to most important. The king or pharaoh was  at the top of the social pyramid and slaves were at the bottom.
the wheel
scientist are not sure who exactly invented the wheel, but the oldest wheel they could find was in Mesopotamia. They used the wheel for pottery and domesticating things.

This is a rap about the euphrates river and Hammurabi's code in Mesopotamia.

how they controlled and protected their land(fighting method)
Sargon used to be in charge of sumer but when he died someone had to take over. That someone was Hammurabi, Hammurabi made a set of two hundred eighty two laws that everyone had to obey. They laws were written in stone and placed in the middle of mesopotamia so everyone could see but only scribes could read it.

4000 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mesopotamia fighting methods
Mesopotamia had fighting methods just like anyone else did but when the Assyrian army took over they used boats and arrows also chariots.The Assyrian soldiers were trained in siege warfare, battle tactics, and hand-to-hand combat. Every spring the Assyrian army would launch a battle campaign. They would conquer rich cities, expanding the Assyrian Empire and bringing back wealth to the king. It is estimated that the size of the Assyrian army at its peak was several hundred thousand soldiers.Thats a lot of soldiers!!

system of writing
This site tells you a little bit of info on ancient Mesopotamia's system of writing

Their system of writing proves that they were advanced if they weren't advanced than they would not have been able to come up with this!!!!!

these are a few maps of Mesopotamia.