A Book By Linda Sue Park

A Long Walk To Water

Short Biography About the Author,

Linda Sue Park was born by two Korean immigrants in 1960 in Urbana, Illinois. Ever since she was four Ms. Park loved to write and had a published haiku in a magazine. In her elementary through high school years she still published poems and went on to Stanford University for college. After receiving her degree in English,  Ms. Park was offered a job by a major oil company. Ms. Park took the job as public-relations writer. She quit her job and moved to Dublin with her boyfriend. They moved to London and got married. Ms. Park got a job at an advertising agency, and studied literature in her free time. She also had two babies and taught English. She decided to start writing children's books when she moved to America . Her first book was Seesaw Girl (1999). She has also written A Single Shard (2002) and two 39 Clues books.

About A Long Walk To Water,

This book follows Salva an 11 year old boy who loses his family and runs away from the fighting with a scattered group of his tribe members. For a couple paragraphs in each chapter the book follows Nya an 11 year old girl who also runs away from the fighting. Salva and Nya both had to overcome fears and struggle through. Salva met up with Ms. Park late 2010 and were interviewed together. Salva states that Ms. Park "started asking questions right as I walked in" claiming that she really cared about his story. Ms. Park "felt like the typist" because she felt that it was really just Salva's story.

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Salva with Forhead markings.

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