Motto: Move Mountains or die trying

Rebellion name: The Dark Suns of Light


With a land of D

The flag resembles our world. The dystopia is the light that is being surrounded by pure darkness. In the light lies a dark sun, in which we are seen as. The black in the sun resembles what we are portrayed as, darkness, but our symbol is a sun, the main source of light, resulting as us being understood, and being the main light source in the dystopia.

The Figurehead shall be fils de la lumière. He brings light and faith within the nation.


Constitution of

[The Dark Suns of Light]



The name of this country will be [Terre De Lumié].



The purpose of this country is to provide a quality lifestyle which promotes equality to the population, and a democracy in which every citizen shall have their basic rights and opportunity for education and labor in which all citizens shall receive a decent wage.


The country of Terre De Lumine has a selective population. The people shall be loyal to thy country and respected community. Citizenship is earned by a certificate of proof issued by the government.To be granted the certificate of proof, thy citizens shall pay tarrifs on nececities monthly, have some kind of labor, and an adress to bill their monthly wage(s). The government shall not stereotype others applying for citizenship at all.


The country shall be independent, runned by the government, and the people of Terre De Lumine. Citizens shall have the rights to vote for their prefered president/mayor, and shall have the right to propose laws. If the government shall ever abuse of thy power, thy people shall have the right to equally balance the power of thy country.


The governments task is to keep citizens of Terre De Lumine under control, and negotiate with bordering countries and the United Nations. Citizens shall have the opportunity to have labor, education, living space, human services, diversity groups, religious groups. Citizens are promised fully paid higher education after receiving their diploma of level 1 education, level 2 education, and level 3 education. Citizens can qualify for federal aid, they shall receive a moderate check issued by the government to help them with their everyday lives. The government promises health to their citizens by providing human services, food and dietary needs, as well as apparell of their choice. (Tarrifs may apply)


  • Citizens shall have freedom of religion, culture, and liberality
  • Citizens shall have the oppoprtunity to receive a higher education fully or mostly paid by federal money
  • Citizens are promised the right to a citizenship
  • Citizens are allowed to immigrate to other countries
  • Citizens are allowed to pursue labor in neighboring countries
  • Citizens are granted human services
  • Citizens shall pay tarrifs required by the government
  • Citizens are allowed to give feedback on the government/supreme leaders
  • Citizens are allowed to vote for their desired leader
  • Citizens are granted a quality lifestyle that is supported the the government.


Education is a very important part of Terre De Lumine. Education levels range from level 1-3, following that shall be college. If a student succesfully completes level 1-3, they shall recieve a college degree for no cost. Education is free, but is not a priority. People whom do not desire obtaining a degree shall still have the oppertunity to labor.


The symbol for the flag of Terre De Lumine is a Dark Sun. The meaning behind it is that us being the rebels, we are portrayed as darkness and evil, but being the sun is the main source of light, we may be seen as darkness, but in reality, we are the light and hope that the citizens desire.


The figurehead of the country shall be fils de la lumière. He is the most decorated man to set foot on Terre De Lumine and shall be honored for his courage and bravery.

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