Fish Tanks

by Yannick Powder and Max Wilson

We have chose two beautiful fish to put inside of your aquarium.

           We work with our costumers to make your custom aquarium the best it can be!

For Mr. and Mrs. Dasani

       The first fish that we have chosen for you is the Angelfish. The beautiful Angelfish is mainly found in the Amazon River. They are very peaceful fish but very rarely are aggressive eaters and will become territorial while breeding. These fish are very low maintenance and don't take a lot to handle.

The next fish that we thought would be absolutely perfect for your aquarium is the Mickey Mouse fish. This fish is also a very peaceful fish and is very good if you would like to put more fish inside of the aquarium. This beautiful fish is from the North and Central America from Ciudad Veracruz, Mexico to northern Belize in Central America. The Mickey Mouse will eat most foods so you will not need to worry about it and live typically for about 5 years.

Let me tell you Mr. and Mrs. Dasani a little about the equipment that is going inside of your tank so you know the full price of  aquarium.

For your tank we chose a medium sized tank. The tank is able to hold 46 gallons of water and the volume of the tank 10800 square inches. The dimensions of this perfect size tank is 36 inches by 15 inches by 20 inches.

We thought the perfect kind of gravel for your tank would be the pebble beach colorway. We decided to make the gravel at least two inches in depth. The final volume of the gravel is 1,080 inches cubed.


First we chose the jungle pod as the main big piece of decor inside of the aquarium. The jungle pod is only about 12.00$.

The next piece of decor that we have chose is the rock cave. The rock cave runs for only about 35$.


Medium sized tank- 225$

Water Filter 60 gallons-70$

Hood 36"- 50$

Heater- 36$

(12)Pebble Beach gravel- 5.50$ per bag

Jungle pod- 12.00$

Rock Cave- 35$

(4)Angelfish- 4.99$ each

(6) Mickey Mouse- 1.00$ each

Total = $519.96

$1.00x = $6.00 x=6

$4.99x= 19.96 x=4

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