The Miller's Tale

Amber Fafard, Jayne Roberts, Jake Ferreira, Doug Leclerc, Jake Wilson

John the Carpentar

18-year-old Alison

Sneaky Nicholas, the astronomer, says he will devise a plan.

File:StateLibQld 1 391361 Bundaberg during a flood, ca. 1941.jpg

Nicholas warns John of a flood

Wooden garden tubs made from barrels

Nicholas tells John to gather these and food

Barratt Pig Barn

Alison and Nicholas sneak away from barn.

File:Man in Medieval Dress or Costume

Absalom begs for a kiss.

Branding irons

Absalom gets a brand and asks for another kiss.

File:Niagara Falls, Ontario

Nicholas screams, "WATER!"

Falling, Height, Warning, Danger

John crashes to the ground

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