Why You Should Read A Long Walk To Water

There are many reasons to read A Long Walk to Water, one of them being what the author is like. Linda Sue Parks was born on March 25, 1960 in Urbana, Illinois. Mrs.Parks has been writing ever since she was little and loves reading. The first thing she ever published was a haiku in a children's magazine called Trailblazer Magazine

"In the green forest

A sparkling, bright blue pond hides

And animals drink. (Linda Sue Parks)"

Mrs.Parks got a degree from Stanford University then worked for an oil company, but she was not very happy with her job and later became an author of children's books.

One of her most famous books is A Long Walk to Water which is about life in Sudan, Africa during the 1980s. This book was based off of a real person named Salva Dut, who told Linda Parks about his life story. She even says in an interview "I was inspired to write A Long Walk to Water by Salva Dut (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)". She also has strong thoughts about people knowing what life was like for Salva. Salva is the main character in A Long Walk to Water and the book shows life in his point of view as a child who had to move away from home because of the war between the government and rebels. The main supporting character being a realistic, fictional character named Nya about the same age as Salva, but she lives in Sudan during 2008. Both of these characters though have to struggle in order to gain access to basic things like water which are expressed through Nya when she says things like "to the pond and back (Pg.20,pg.7)" which she has to go to every day to retrieve water.

Overall this story is great to read because it has characters you can easily get attached to and is educational. After reading A Long Walk to Water you will know more about what Sudanese people have to go through and might even be inspired to tell others or to try to help people like Salva.

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