Alyssa Castillo- Me!!


My name is Alyssa Castillo. I'm 13 years old. I consider myself bright, social, and athletic. Overall, I'm very weird, crazy, and  AWESOME!


I'm  a 7th grade Gifted and Talented student. I usually get high grades, when I turn in my work on time. I guess you can call me a little bit of a procrastinator. My best subjects are science and social studies. My favorite is writing. I am in Honor Orchestra and plan to stick to it. Next year, I'm going to challenge myself with all pre AP classes and Algebra 1. I go Hernando Middle School, but in high school I want to go to Socorro High School (shown below) for the HPA program to work in the medical field.   


I enjoy going target shooting in the desert with my dad. (my guns shown below) I also like to go camping and hiking with my family (a camping trip I took two year ago below). My favorite thing to do is gymnastics. I was in gymnastics for 3 years, but I'm no longer in it. I still practice at my house and occasionally go back to my gym to visit my old teammates and coaches. (a video of me two years ago doing gymnastics at my gym's annual Spring Show below)


As I mentioned before, I'm a crazy weirdo! (a quote that perfectly explains me below) I'm also a very social person an love to talk to anybody, about anything, anywhere, at anytime. I'm kind of a loud mouth, chatter box. I enjoy browsing through my social media for hours! ( my instagram below)



I'm in a family of 9 - my brother, my sister, my mom,  my dad, my 2 cats, and my 2 dogs. My brother is a senior at El Dorado High School and my sister's a sophomore. My mom is a teacher at Tornillo Elementary School. She also sells Origami Owl jewelry. (Link to her wbsite below)My dad is an electrician at All Trades Electrical. He also paints, customizes, and cleans guns for people including law enforcement and soldiers. My oldest cat is a girl. Her name is Phoebe. She is a spoiled cat with an attitude. My other cat is a boy. His name Simba. We named him Simba because not only is he an orange cat (like a lion) but he also pounces like a lion! He is super playful! My oldest dog is a male German Shepard, named Frisco. He is very smart an loves to play fetch. (Phoebe also plays fetch) My other dog is a male Bulldog, named Prince Henry Stout (we only call him Prince). He can give high fives and ride a skateboard. (All  my pets are below)


Listening to music and playing music is a big part of my life. My dad taught me how to play the guitar when I was younger. I taught myself how to play the piano when I was in second grade. I also play viola in Honor Orchestra. I like to listen to music on my free time. I usually listen to whatever's trending on the radio. My favorite song is Human by Christina Peri (below)


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