Alyssa Sowards


I have picked for one of my three I have picked Art/Architecture. During this time of Mesopotamia they would this form of writing they use this wring they would this kind of writing called cuneiform. Cuneiform was made in 3500-3000 BCE, and cuneiform is a type of art and they would draw pictures to sometimes explain what happened in the past. These people would draw images but you would think in our time we use words, the images are pictures that mean words.

                                                                       System of writing

                                  My second one is System of Writing this is called cuneiform it was the first system of writing. They used this to record all the things that had happened in present time but to use now past. The system of writing was made in 3200 BCE. This what all the people in Mesopotamia an now click this to learn more about it.

                                                       For my last one would have to be Social classes. Social classes are hierarchy the division of society by rank or class. In the link below you can se what it looks like.