The Amazing Coastal Plains
By: Alyssa Torres and Cambrie Salyards

A coastal plain is an area of flat, low-lying land adjacent to a seacoast. One of the world's largest coastal plains is located in eastern South America. In Georgia the coastal plains covers about 3/5 of Georgia's regions.


You might think about moving your company to the Coastal Plain regions, because say you have a farm buisness in the Piedmont but there is to much smog in the air then go to the Coastal Plains. See the Coastal Plains have some parts where there is cotton plants and other there is farms, so you could your products to the market to make money. Also if you have a fishing industry then go to Savannah, GA because it

Cargo Ship coming into the Savannah River to drop off cargo.


The climate of coastal plain is mild, with hot summers and cool winters with few hard freezes. Precipitation is high, particularly along the coast, and seasonal. Average annual high temperatures is about 77 degrees, although highs in upper 90s are not unusual during the height of summer. Although the Coastal Plain experiences temperature below freezing each winter , temperatures.


One of the best places to visit would probably be Savannah, GA. The historical part of the city is great and  beautiful scenery. Overall the city has many great places to visit and also all the ghost tours. Another awesome place to visit is Tybee Island or any of the Barrier Islands. If your at Tybee Island stop at the Marine Science Center or the Tybee Lighthouse because it has a beautiful scenery.

A picture of the Savannah River taken by Alyssa Torres


Somewhat map of Geography

Georgia's largest geographical region is the Coastal Plain; it covers approximately 60 percent of the state, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Fall Line. Rivers become wider, deeper, and move more slowly, making navigation by large boats possible like the Savannah River. The land is low-lying Along Georgia’s coast. The soil typically consists of sand and clay for approximately 75 miles inland, and is not very fertile. The land tends to be poorly drained, and swampy areas are common (the Okefenokee Swamp is in the Coastal Plain). Even today, this part of the state is poorly suited for agriculture.

Economic Activity:

Some economical activities are fishing, tourism, forestry, shipping, and paper making.

Fishing is a big part of this region because their right by the ocean. So they fish to sell their products to the market to make money. Tourism is one of the largest parts of this area because a lot of people come there to go to the beach or to find more about there history in their state. There are many possible reasons for tourism to be there. Forestry and Paper making, you might find a lot of trees or farms well people cut them down to make paper or other things. A lot of our wood could come from the Coastal Plains but we dont know. Shipping is another big one because we get a lot of our stuff from different places like China.

Tag that says "Made In China

Physical Features:

The main rivers of Georgia meet in the Coastal Plains region as they make their way to the Atlantic Ocean. In this region, you can find the Oconee, Ocmulgee, Flint, Savannah, St. Mary's and Altamaha Rivers.

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