A team

By: Alyssa Azcarate

The blue represents happiness.

The red represents unity

The white star represents one party united.

"Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead"


Article 1

The city of Rosewood. You must abide by any rule Red Coat gives you.Remember Red Coat is always watching!

Article 2

The purpose of this city is to provide the best for our community.

The goals we have for our citizens is to create well rounded citizens and unify us as a city. We would also like to provide a good environment for our citizens of Rosewood.

Article 3

To become apart of the party you must believe in becoming a better person for Red Coat and taking care of your environment, party and yourself. As a citizen you must follow whatever is demanded by red coat and not break a law in our constitution. You as a citizen must support Red Coat and the community she has developed.


Red Coat is our leader. We as a government will provide a apartment for every citizen they will eat whatever is made at the restaurant.They will not acquire currency unless the mission Red Coat gives is successful.Everyone here is accepted for who they are.


The responsibility we as a government have are to provide and protect our growing community and make sure everyone follows the laws. As a citizen we expect the best of you we expect you to contribute to the party work hard and worship/follow Red Coat.


Law 1: Crime is encouraged.

Law 2: There is A curfew. (12:00 AM)

Law 3: Education is optional. Yet required to receive a job in the party.

Law 4: You MUST wear your black hoodie or red coats at ALL TIMES!

Law 5: If you are caught disobeying Red Coat or the party it is automatic removal from the team.

Law 6: If you are found in another unit besides your own , unless instructed to , You will be removed from the team.

Law 7:  You are only able to reproduce maximum of 2 children per couple.

Law 8: You are only able to eat at your designated hour and only encouraged to eat whatever portion is served.

Law 9:  If you are a Red coat community member you are only able to marry from your community, If you are a Black Hoodie member you can only marry from that community.

Law 10:  The only way of transportation is walking. If you are a Red Coat member buses are provided.


Education is for the Red coat community only. The black hoodie community  is optional and does cost money. Education is not free to anyone. Education is encouraged, you will only be hired if you are not educated. Everyone must pay for education. There are only grades  1- 12. In grade 9 you discover ways you can work in the party and assist Red Coat.

If you are not educated you end up in the Ghettos working to clean up the city.


The Symbol is Red Coats and black hoodies. Our flag has a star with red around it symbolizing red coat.


Red Coat is our Figure head and mascot\leader of Rosewood.


Red Coats History

Red coat began as our leader when Alison Dilaurentes disappeared. They had harmed Red Coat in such a awful way she has decided not to let anyone run over her or let anyone take advantage. Red Coat formed her army and is stronger than ever now she is the team you want to be in. Everyone is accepted in this team. The main hater of Red Coat has to be Mona Vanderwall who was bullied into making Red Coat hate her. Red Coat is a phenomenal leader because she cares about each member of her team.The members in our team have voted Red Coat as the 1 leader. Red Coat only expects one thing from the A team members that is loyalty.Red Coats career began in 2000 she has continued running and keeping the team up to par over these past fifteen years. Red Coat is a very honest, fair and equal leader. she enjoys making dreams come true. Red Coat has done so much to bring good and help our society. For example, she has allowed many to be apart of her team, she has stopped many problems that are occurring in the world around us, she has prevented many from being in the watch or protection of dictator Mona Vanderwall, she has caused the team to grow strong as individual human beings, she has us always a step ahead in everything we do, we have united as a A team because she is always there to lead and guide us in the right direction, we are the best at everything in every way because of Red Coat. The A team Members love and absolutely adore everything she has done. we would like to thanlk the amazing leader she is and hope we grow as a A Team.

Anthem for Red Coats

Got a Red Coat/Hoodie,
You must wear it.
Swear to the team.
Better follow the articles,
Or goodbye you'll be.
If I show you Red Coat
You must never say.
'Cause two can be in the team
  if one of them will die.


The Lair is where every Red Coat or Black Hoodie must go when they complete a mission. The Lair is the best place to be. You can relax and are praised for all the hard work you do.In the Lair we feed you, various types of foods, like pizza, doughnuts, candy, soda,cakes ,cookies etc. We allow you to relax and let loose you don't even have to wear a your uniform in there. Every citizen enjoys and looks forward to there visit to The Lair.The way you earn your visit would be to stand out as a good team member who contributes to the team, always sings the anthem multiple times (daily), is always in uniform, completes their missions, never breaks a article/rule, worships Red Coat, or completes missions. Not every team member has gone. Only the loyalest members are allowed into The Lair. Red Coat enjoys to see loyalty in our A team so , therefore the team members are praised when loyalty is show cased. Being apart of the A team is a privilege and honor Red Coat has given you, so showing loyalty is expected and The Lair is the reward for being such a amazing A team member. The Lair is the most beautiful grand place any team member dreams of going. The Lair is on a delightful gorgeous beach, with beach homes to relax in for every team member. There are many activities to enjoy while you vacation in The Lair. For example, there are movie theaters, there is Netflix, there is malls and stores to shop at, there are beach excursions, there is a sandy area to play sports and much more to enjoy by relaxing by the beach side. Loyalty is the key to the paradise of The Lair.

Join the A Team because.....

Who wants a dictator as there leader?

Join the A team today!

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