School Holiday Recount

During the school holidays, I went to Susitina’s house. I got there at 11:00am and we talked. We waited for Patricia. She was supposed to come at 12:00PM but she came at 1:00PM.

When Patricia came, we washed our hands and got the ingredients to make a carrot cake.  We mixed the batter and put it into the cake pan. We forgot to preheat the oven so we waited and decided to go to Susitina’s room to talk.

When the oven was was ready we put the cake in and went back to Susitina’s room and talked. 10 minutes later we started cooking dim sims for lunch. Most of them broke when they were boiling.

When the cake finished, we ate a slice quickly because we had to go home soon. At 3:00PM Patricia and I went home.

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