Alzheimer's Disease

This website is to inform people about Alzheimer's Disease. For short, some scientist call it AD. Alzheimer's Disease is a genetic disorder that makes people have memory loss.  The death of the brain cells causes memory loss.  It occurs in the brain. Alzheimer's Disease is not a normal part of ageing.   

AD Symptoms

Some symptoms of this disease are depression, loneliness, mood swings, aggression, confusion, jumbled speech, hallucination, etc.  Treatment options for these symptoms can be support care and antibiotics.   

Complications for AD

Some normal complications of AD are:

-loss of ability to care for self

-loss of ability to move muscle function

-falls and broken bones

-makes you have a hard time interacting

-violent behavior towards others

Alzheimer's Disease makes you have memory losses and it can make you forget about your family.

AD's Type of Mutation

Alzheimer's Disease is an example of inherited genetic disorders. If a person inherits a genetic mutation from a parent, then they will probably get the disease. AD is an autosomal recessive disorder.

Detection of Carriers

Currently, there isn't really a lot information about this subject. All we know is that is occurs from a form of dementia.

Alzheimer's Disease Treatments

There is currently no cure for AD. Fortunately, there is medications for Alzheimer's Disease therapy. Here are a couple:

- Olanzapine treats hallucination, and aggression.

-Lorazepam helps treat restlessness.

-Sertraline treats mood complications.


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