I like to consider myself adventurous for a few different reasons. I am always willing to explore new places. It does not matter if I am with my friends, family or by myself. I am almost always willing to try something new. Last year I went fishing for the first time and now I go almost every other weekend if the weather is good. If my friends want to go to new places we haven't been before I am always willing to go. Trying new things because you get to learn new things. You could also really enjoy things you never thought you would. That is how I was with fishing, I did not think I would enjoy it but I ended up having a great time.Those are some of the reasons I consider myself adventurous.


I consider myself an athletic person because i enjoy playing sports. Some of the sports i enjoy are soccer, basketball and tennis. I am on a soccer team outside of school but I also play with my friend or my older brother. I play basketball with my friends and my older brother and sister. i will either play on the nets at the park or my brothers net. I usually play tennis with my mom or older sister at the ell wood nets or at my cottage. That is why i consider myself athletic.


The quote I chose is " It's really not that difficult to overcome these seemingly ghastly problems... what's hard is to decide". I chose this quote for two reasons. The first reason is because I really think this is true. I think people just think " I will never be able to handle all that work" or " I will never finish this for the deadline" but if they used the time they were stressing out about it to work on it they would get more done and it wouldn't be such a big task. The second reason is because the quote is from Robert Downey Jr. He has been through a lot in his life such as dealing with alcohol abuse and drug addiction. He piked himself back up and got his career. That is why I look up to him.

1) Consider how you portray yourself. What image do you present to society and how?

Your personality is who you are. Your personality represents you. If you re rude that is how people should see you. If you are nice that is how people should see you.

I think I portray myself as someone you would not want to approach because I dot talk to many people very inviting. Society most likely sees me as a teenager who is up to no good because that is how society sees most teenagers unless all they do in their spare time is read or do homework. I don't think many people are seen for who they truly are. At the beginning I said "If someone you are rude that is how people should see you" I put should because some people will not see the rude side of you and just assume you are only nice. It is the same if you are a nice person but once someone sees you being mean or rude you will lose you reputation of being nice. If you are happy, caring and respectful people will want to be around you. If you are mean, rude and hurtful it will be the opposite people will not want to be around you.

I am not too sure how people see me, but I can hope that people don't see me as a bad person because I try to be a good person.

2) If you could portray a different persona( or even an alter-ego) what would it be, and how does it differ from how you usually portray yourself?

I think that if I had an alter-ego I would do many things differently. I know that there is a lot of things i could do differently that would be beneficial to me, but I have not been able to change my bad habits.

One of my worst habits is procrastinating. I am also very bad with planning things out. I would also not be shy/quiet if I had an alter-ego. My alter-ego would not procrastinate, I would always use my time wisely. I would always plan thing out and try and make sure everything stays as planned, and I would never be unprepared. I would be very outgoing if I had and alter-ego, I would not be afraid to speak in front of people. I would prefer to be my alter-ego but I know that will not happen.

People are always trying to change who they are for many different reasons. Sometimes I look at the saying " a cheetah can't change its stripes" it basically means you can not change change who you truly are. I am not too sure how I feel about this quote but I think it is kind of true. The way I see it is if someone makes a mistake you can forgive and forget about it, but if it is constantly the same mistakes they can not be over looked or forgotten.

3) Do people see you the way you wish to be seen? How would you like people to see you? discuss the legacy you are leaving at Allan drive.

I personally do not think people are seen the way they wish to be seen. Many people spread lies and rumors to make other people look bad. Most people want to have a good image/reputation. Other people get jealous because maybe they are not seen the way they wish to be seen, so they go and try to ruin other peoples image/reputation.

I would like people to see me as a funny, smart and caring person. I know most people do not see me that way. Most people just think I am the quiet one who does not participate in class. Because I don't participate in class discussions most people probably think I am dumb. It is not that I have nothing to contribute, I am just not comfortable contributing my answers and ideas. I am quite a humorous person but only a few people see me that way because I only share funny things like jokes with people I know such as friends or family. I am also a caring person but I feel like it would be weird if i asked people if they were okay so I usually end up looking like I don't care when I actually do care. I also did not leave behind any legacy at Allan drive.

4) How is your legacy represented within your digital footprint (twitter, vine, IG, Facebook)?

Many people are very fake when it comes to social media

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