Alex James "why, what if" Becker

From a young age I've been very curious, and interested in the answer. This sparked me to ask the questions "Why" and "What if". Hence the name above, given to me by my grandfather, a retired Army Colonel and Chaplain. He found much delight in my questioning, and enough annoyance to give me the unforgettable addition to my name. After all that, and the assurance from him that I would one day become a pastor, here I am. Not there yet, but on my way. I've had quite a journey and throughout it I've kept to my name addition. I always questions the status quo, sometimes for good reason and others because I'm stubborn and like to poke and prod.

I'm over half way done with my M-Div at Luther Sem and have enjoyed almost every moment :). I started at Luther about 3 years ago, and then left because of many different reasons, stemming from me questioning and not listening enough to the one voice that matters. So, I strayed in a somewhat productive way and attended Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary for about a year. I enjoyed it, but it was not my cup of tea. Needless to say I made my way back to Luther and I have not regretted that decision in the slightest.

I currently live in St. Cloud, MN with my Gorgeously Beautiful wife Gabrielle (Gabbie) and my beautifully adorable daughter Ellie (2). I just resigned at Celebration Lutheran Church after 4.5 years as their Director of Y & F Ministry-Senior Hight and Beyond. We have accepted a position in Salisbury, North Carolina (1200 miles away) YIKES!! We are scared, excited, nervous and any other adjective you could think of. We are hoping for many amazing things to take place down there as has really opened doors and our minds to this possibility. We move the day after this class is down...WOW.

I'm very excited for this class and the many avenues we will all travel down.

In Christ,


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