Getting Started with EduGuide

First, what is EduGuide and why are you completing these activities.

What is EduGuide?

EduGuide is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students reach their academic and personal goals. The EduGuide lessons will be posted along with other work in your English class once a week for the Fourth Marking Period. You will complete the work on the EduGuide site.

How Long Will It Take?

It's self-paced, but we suggest you spend the time to complete the week's lesson. It should take less than 30 minutes.

Creating Your EduGuide Account

FIRST: Go to

Complete the information for making an account by following the directions given on
the screen.  Use your PALCSmail address and click Have a Code.

7-­‐digit invitation code below to join my class:



Return to EduGuide:

Use your PALCSmail address and password to login to EduGuide each week.

Complete the series of questions that follow.

Once you have created your account and completed the questions, please respond to the forum.