Final Project

Movie Poster: Miracle On Ice

I really like the poster because its pleasing to the eye so you want to look what just happened in the movie. Its also very inspiring to see it so i think that people would want to see the movie. The title is big enough but not to big so the picture isn't overlapped to much and the picture shows a lot of emotion to the movie. personally i think that the movie represents the poster very good and has some little quotes up to the left that would make people want to go see the movie and to see what the quotes mean. Some of the words on the poster are hard to read because of the color they could of done a better job with that. The picture of the movie is very good at blending well with the background and the text of the poster. It gives a good understanding of what the movie is about. This poster is good because it tells you whats going on and it gets noticed and the movie is from 1980 so its good history for younger people.

Artifact: 30 Seconds TO Mars

I really liked the movie with 30 second to mars in it. Thought it had a lot of information to the record business and the artist that could be very helpful to the people that go into that kind of stuff. A fair deal to give the artist is that they get a free place to stay and food and transportation and more money to do the albums so that they will stay with you for a longer time frame. I say that the band will get at least 20% of the total earnings and the other 80%goes to the brand to pay off all of there debts they owe. The artist sign with big brands because they want to get noticed faster and to tour worldwide which they cant do without a big brand. So the big brand will cheat the band out of as much money as they possibly can so they can get money. They also want to get noticed so they produce more albums and get more money that they actually will loose money if they sign with the wrong brand. Some bands might know that record deal are bad but not most of them all they want is to get noticed in the world and produce there songs and albums. The real problem is that the brand doesn't want to be the bad guy in this situation and so they start suing the band and the band starts to fight back and so they realize that both of them want to join together and so they make a deal to get back together.

My own Amusment park/ Theme park

If I managed a amusement park i would build a lot of scary rides so they would wounder what will happen which probably make them thirst of hungry and i would set my prices really low on food but still make money off it so they would buy my food more and so that i could make more money. I would also have a souvenir cup and the other cups are Styrofoam so they would not want to buy them and then i would say half off refills of the souvenir cup so they would buy that one and then keep buying more drinks. I would also have the better rides at the back of the park so they would have to go through all the stuff. They also might see something that they would want so they would buy it while they are walking to the good rides. I also would make a kids play area so they could run around and all of that so they get tired and so they would buy some drinks and food. I would also make a season pass that would allow you to buy some stuff half off and that you can go to the front of the line if you have that pass. I would also have an early bird special that the price is cheaper than usual but the rides don't open until it ends but the concessions are open and the arcade is open also.

Make a TV show

This t.v. show would be a comedy/reality show. It makes the audience choose what the next competition would be so that the competitors wouldn't know how to prepare for what will happen and then they would have to vote inside of the competition or who does not finish the event. They could not leave the competition unless they loose but they are not out of the game but they have to do a very hard task to get back in and if they don't or cant do it then they will be a judge for the rest of the show.The last man/women standing doesn't win they have to one last task to prove that they are the best at the game. The other contestants will play against him or her if the other contestants wins then the last three are back in and the one that beat them but the last one standing gets to pick a competition type to play.If you beat the other contestants then you will win a half of a million dollars. Then you could come back to the next episode to play but you have to pay to get in. So the winner of the show goes to play next season and so on so you could keep winning or you can just be done after the first show.

Top 3 marketing stratigies music

The first strategy is that you create music that people will like. If you don't create the music that people will like not just what you like. If you create music that people will like then you will have a better chance in making more money in the future and getting recognized faster then not making good songs that you will like. If you do choose to make music that you like then you should not try and produce a lot of the music out until you get recognized with good music then you can put more time into selling your music.When you start to produce you music choose where you will post you music to and if people will find it on there. If they don't find it easily try and get people around you to talk about your music and how good you are and then say spreed the word.If that doesn't work then you can go on Facebook and twitter and post your music and try to get people involved with your music. You could also put it on other social media accounts that you can create to spreed the word for your music.

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