Roger Rosendahl

DLA Piper, LLP, Partner Roger Rosendahl

A corporate lawyer with an extensive legal background, Roger Rosendahl
concentrates much of his practice on the energy and power industries. He has
handled legal matters involving hydro-electric power sources, gas- and coal-fired plants, and solar, geothermal, and wind facilities. Roger Rosendahl represented Nordex, Inc., when it secured financing for the
Synergics/Roth Rock wind project. On multiple occasions, he has advised GE
Capital. His services included acquiring energy investments and selling the
corporation’s stake in independent power companies. He’s worked with other
clients such as US Renewable Energy Group, Bank of America and Supreme Oil, LLC.

Aside from his energy practice, he possesses considerable experience with privatization, project finance, and securities law. Throughout his career, Roger Rosendahl has led legal discussions at the Japanese Institute for International Business Law, in Tokyo; the University of Business and International Economics, in Beijing; and the Universities of Frankfurt,
Heidelberg, and Cologne, in Germany. Most recently, he lectured on renewable
energy financing at the Infocast Wind Power Finance and Investment Summit, in
San Diego. In addition, he authored two chapters in the Handbook on the U.S.
Wind Energy Market and Industry: A Definitive Guide for Chinese Wind Developers, Manufacturers and Suppliers.

Outside his practice, Roger Rosendahl has served on the
Energy Law Committee of the New York City Bar Association. He co-founded and was an original U.S. Council Member for the Inter-Pacific Bar Association. While serving on the Foreign Services Advisory Committee to the U.S. Trade
Representative, he was among the few who drafted the government’s stance on the Japan Foreign Lawyers Law.

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