Poetry Final Project

By: Jackson Nethercutt

Task 2 Example

The chipmunk dressed in White, Black and Brown,

Scurries for a berry.
He finds one
that he hid long ago.
He wanders off looking for a berry,
when he sees a weasel. The weasel sees him Back,
The weasel can taste the bone and flesh Right now.
The chipmunk scurries off with the
Close behind
Then the
Sees a butterfly
that scurries all about
It catches the weasel’s
And the chipmunk eats a berry in

This poem includes personification and hyperbole.

Task 3

I am alone

And every single time I try to show

The love of God I don’t really know

But you’ll say

It’s ok

The will be

A better day

I know the way

And even when

I do all that I can to hear Him

Even when I try

I can’t find

The right time

To feel more alive

Then I’ve ever been.