Ama Dwimoh

Ama Dwimoh Secures Convictions in NYC Child Abuse Homicide Cases

About Ama Dwimoh

Ama Dwimoh has successfully prosecuted defendants in some of the most notorious murder cases in Brooklyn, New York. A prosecutor with the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, Ama Dwimoh most recently worked in the Crimes Against Children Bureau, a division she established in 1997. She also served on the Kings County DA’s Capital Crimes Committee, which reviews cases in which the defendant faces the possibility of capital punishment and makes recommendations as to whether the DA should seek the death penalty.

During her time at the Kings County DA’s office, Dwimoh won a number of widely publicized homicide cases. In 2008, in a case detailed in the book Family Skeleton, she secured a conviction of two family members who murdered a three-year-old girl, Latanisha Carmichael, in 1979.

Dwimoh also won the conviction of another child abuse homicide case in the killing of Nixzmary Brown, a seven year old. The case resulted in child services agency reforms in New York as well as legislative changes to the state’s murder and assault laws.

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