Mexican Research Projest

By; Amanda Whitehead

The Mexican Flag  

This is the Mexican flag... A brief description and history follows.

Overall info

Above is a chart containing some of Mexico's information. Below is the same thing in text so it is easier to read...

GPD Per Capita~$15,600

Life expectancy~men; 72-women; 78

Literacy rate~93.5%

Government~ federal republic

Economy~ free trade

Population~ 120,286,655

Religion~ Roman Catholic  82.7--- Pentecostal 1.6--- Jehovah's Witness 1.4---

Mexican Celebrations

Cinco De Mayo-  

         Cinco De Mayo ( the fifth of May) is a Mexican Holiday that celebrates Mexico's victory over the French forces in The Battle of Puebla. Mexico and America celebrate it on May 5th. In Mexico they celebrate by eating traditional foods, waving Mexico's flag, wearing sombreros, parading through the streets, doing folk lore dances, and reacting the battle as French and Mexican soldiers. In America, one of Mexico's neighbors, they celebrate the holiday by throwing parties, and getting together with family, even though this holiday is not their own country's they celebrate mostly because of the amount of Mexican Americans in the south. This holiday is largely mistaken for Mexican Independence Day, but it is not. 2 pictures follow the first is a painting of the battle, and the second is a poster for Cinco De Mayo from a long time ago.


        A quinceañera is a girls coming of age.It is celebrated on her fifteenth birth day. In Mexico they celebrate it by parading through the streets to show off their daughter. If they are Catholic or Roman Catholic they start by having a thanksgiving mass, sorrounded by her Godparents, parents, grand parents, other family and a small number of friends she would be given a tiara, bouquet, and a locket or pendant ( typically of the Mexican flag). After the ceremony she offers her bouquet to the alter of the Virgin Mary. A few pictures of quinceañeras follow.

Dia De Los Muertos -

    Dia De Los Muertos, the day of the dead, is a celebration held by all of Mexico. It is held from October 31 to November 2. The holiday is actually on October 31 though. They do this to remember and pray for their dead loved ones, and to celebrate their lives. They put trinkets, marigolds,alcohol, and toys on their loved ones graves, and they also parade through the streets wearing skulls. Some pictures of the celebration follow.


Las Posadas-

    Las Posadas is Mexican Christmas. They celebrate it all over Mexico. They set off fireworks, do re enactments, hit piñatas, and have parties. They celebrate it for 9 days. They celebrate it in honor of the birth of Jesus.  Some pictures follow.

Important people in Mexican history

Hernando Cortéz-

        Hernando Cortéz was a Spanish conquistador. He was the man who lead the trip and battle that lead to the last days of the Aztec empire. The Aztec empire was the empire that was in control then. It was a huge empire. His nationality is Castilian.  He made a major impact on the Mexico we know today.

Montezuma II-

       Montezuma II was the ruler of the Aztec empire when it was conquered by the Spanish. His life is shrouded in mystery. His life and his death has much controversy . He was captured by the Spanish and kept prisoner, but they don't know what killed him. His empire has completely changed the Mexican history, and is a very important part of history. His picture follows.

I hope this information was useful!

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