Amanda Celauro

A Financial Aid Director in Fort Worth, Texas

About Amanda Celauro

Amanda Celauro worked for Kaplan as a financial aid advisor and a business office manager prior to assuming her current role in 2009. She assembled her own team and implemented internal policies and operations. After a little over a year as director, she received Kaplan’s 2010 Director of the Year award for the East Texas region.
Today, Amanda Celauro runs one of the highest performing Kaplan financial aid offices in Texas. Her team consistently makes the zero-defect list, and they previously went 65 weeks straight without finding a verification defect. Furthermore, her office has been selected on several occasions to test and rollout Kaplan financial aid pilot programs, including an initiative to help all Kaplan campuses cut down on verifications and similar processing issues.
Amanda Celauro earned her degree in business from Kaplan University, and graduated magna cum laude in 2010. Outside of the office, she enjoys outdoor sports such as surfing and hiking.

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