Amanda Lane Ancient Mesopotamia

     Ancient Mesopotamia is a very old city that people from over 6,000 years ago settled on.  Mesopotamia is between the Tigris and Euphrates river.  They had very good soil there.  The first civilization that settled there were the Sumerians.  The Sumerians along with the other civilization who settled there over time made advancements to civilization over all. They were an advanced society and these are 3 reasons why:


     One aspect that proves that they are an advanced is when they came up with the first system of writing.  The Sumerians came up with the first system of writing called Cuneiform; they used pictographs, picture symbols, to communicate.  After they discovered a system of writing they started keeping records of things.  Not everyone learned how to write only Scribes, or writer, because there were other jobs that people needed to do, so they weren't really worried about school then. People would hire scribes to write things for them.


~ Government hires scribe to keep government records

~ Scribes help keep track of what traders traded

~ Scribes would keep track of items

The system of writing did a lot of other thing too! Without the system of writing we would not have came up with math, science, grammar, so soon! The system of writing had a big impacted on Mesopotamia civilization, and that is why system of writing proves that they were advanced!


     The second aspect I think proves that Mesopotamia was an advanced civilization was the way they set up there social classes, because they are very organized. They set up something called a social pyramid! There social pyramid went like this:


                                                          /    \

                                                     / Kings.  \


                                             /  Merchant         \

                                         /    Traders, craftman  \


                                 /         FARMER/LABORERS      \


                          /                     SLAVES                              \


What this pyramid means is that if you are in the top you are very important to that civilization and there aren't many people who can get those jobs, and if you are at the bottom you aren't very important and anybody can get that job and thousand of people have that job. I think this is one of the aspects that prove that they were advanced, because they made it so organized, and because we use social classes to organize jobs today!

     The last aspect I think shows that ancient Mesopotamia was advanced civilization is their achievements!  They invented a bunch of things we use now.

Such as:

  • The wheel
  • first system of writing
  • irragation
  • advanced traveling
  • weapons
  • math and science
  • first civilization
  • jewlery
  • pottery
  • first empire   
  • Creating and using medicine
  • Infrastructure
  • A Plow
  • Etc;


     I think all these aspects prove that Mesopotamia was an advanced society because they show how we improved so much and that we are still improving.  Also without them not inventing and learning all these things who knows how long it would have took us to learn how to do these things!


This video below is about the civilizations that settled in Mesopotamia and who ruled at different time and a little bit about what they did!

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His is and example of Cuneiform!