Amanda Thurston

Florida Student and CEO

A college student in Tallahassee, Florida, Amanda Thurston applies her training in the arts as chief executive officer and primary artist of her own business, the Lost Society Designs. She specializes in designing jewelry incorporating a wide range of metals and semiprecious stones, as well as photography for weddings and other events, canvas painting, and furniture refurbishment, including lamps, chairs, and tables. Prior to founding the Lost Society Designs, Amanda Thurston worked at Her Kloset at Greiners in Ocala, Florida, where she served as a sales associate. In this position, Mandy Thurston gained experience operating the register, managing general store operations, and accounting for inventory, all with a strong focus on customer assistance and satisfaction.

Mandy Thurston holds an associate of arts from Tallahassee Community College in Tallahassee, Florida, where she graduated in 2012. Dedicated to furthering her education, she expects to graduate with a BA in studio art in 2015.

Tips for Fashion Photographers

Amanda “Mandy” Thurston has amassed experience in a wide variety of media. Amanda Thurston has become an avid photographer and offers her skills for hire as owner of The Lost Society Designs, in which role she has accepted a number of fashion photography jobs.

Fashion photography requires a unique skill set. It demands a photographer who can work confidently with professional models while simultaneously making use of light, shadow, color, and shape to create a flattering effect. The first step, however, is to cast a model that makes the outfit look good and has the desired effect, be it sultry, pure, or creative. The photographer must then select hair, makeup, and background that fits with the image of the shoot.

Once the photographer has cast the session and chosen potential backgrounds, he or she can begin to place the model in the scene. The pose will depend on the clothes and the aesthetic. Angular poses add visual interest and are ideal for an edgy look, while soft angles and natural settings benefit a gentler look.

Photographers often need to move the model within the space and change the camera angle to best flatter the garment. This is the time when sensitivity to a model's needs is particularly important. A contented and relaxed model will give the photographer better results and is likely to be more patient with lighting or setting changes, which in turn allows for more flexibility during the shoot.

Essential Tools for Jewelry Making

A creative entrepreneur, Amanda “Mandy” Thurston recently launched The Lost Society Designs, LLC, to sell handmade necklaces inspired by her trips abroad. Amanda Thurston uses a variety of materials, ranging from African turquoise, and pieces of bone, to Crystal Quartz, and Tibetan, Turkish, and Moroccan findings. She incorporate stones, crystals, and pendants from small villages and artisans in each of her pieces so she's able to give back to artists like herself around the world.

Those interested in making jewelry at home should consider investing in the following tools and materials:

1. Flat-nose pliers work well for opening jump rings and wrapping wire ends. To avoid leaving indentations in metal, it is best to purchase flat-nose pliers that have smooth surfaces between the jaws.

2. A good pair of wire cutters will ease the process of tackling thicker material. The online crafting advisory Craftsy suggests the brands Lindstrom and Swanstrom. While these wire cutters are not the cheapest on the market, they last for years.

3. For beginners, investing in a stock of practice material will save money. Copper wire, for instance, gives a person a good feel for working with more expensive materials, including silver and gold-fill wire.