I'm home!


Here I am in my bassinet sporting my teeny coming home outfit Rashmi Masi gave me, and laying on my receiving blanket from Natalie Aunty.

August 7, 2013
I'm still getting a little bit of formula at night. It's not so bad when I get to drink it out of a silver cup.

Papa likes to make sure I have my mittens on (though he doesn't like that they are blue!). My nails are long, and I move my hands too much so he wants to make sure I don't scratch myself.

August 8, 2013
On our way to my first appointment with Dr. Sanford. Mama and Papa were rushing around packing my diaper bag, and making sure my carseat was attached properly to the stroller. I think they'll figure out that it takes a lot longer to get out of the house now!

Sameer Uncle, Swati Aunty, and my friend Kavin came by to meet me. Kavin prefers to look at me from a distance, and not share his Mommy with me, though she sneakily held me when he was distracted!

My Mama and Papa are so happy I'm here.

Three generations.